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Similarity Repels Or Attracts In Love

The Big Question If Similar Traits Repel Or Attract In Love

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People with similar traits are attracted to each other more than people with dissimilar traits. There has been numerable studies to show the validity of this statement. Researcher from different fields of work have further validated this theory. There is a common proverb that says birds of the same feather flock together.

In general, people are most attracted to others who share almost the same attributes. The importance of these attributes plays an important role. The more the importance of these attributes, higher the level of attraction. If two people share the same important attributes, they are more likely to be attracted to each other than if they share less important attributes. For instance, preferences in choice of food or religion would be considered as of higher importance, while the choice of hand sanitizer or furniture upholstery would be considered as of lesser importance.

There are reasons why people with similar attributes get attracted to each other. The main reason is that finding someone with similar beliefs makes one feel more comfortable in being in their company. They feel good when someone else also likes or dislikes the same things. The similarities also contributes in predicting them of future behavior. They also feel that there will be a greater chance of reciprocal feelings from someone who thinks alike.

Apart from sharing similar attributes, people also gets attracted towards other people who share the same personality traits. They feel like they are in the company of someone who is just like them. They feel they are with one of their own. There is a greater feeling of togetherness. For instance, sharing the same levels of conservative or liberal values would be a big cause of attraction.

When it comes to choosing romantic partners, people get most attracted to people who share almost the same level of physical attractiveness. Attractive people are more likely to be attractive to attractive people. Tall people get attracted to other tall people while short people get attracted to other short people. Slim people get attracted to other slim people while fat people get attracted to other fat people.

There are other areas of similarity that leads to greater attraction. People of the same social status get attracted to each other. Religion also plays an important role as people with the same faith are more likely to be attracted to each other. Level of intellect is another such trait. There can be other fields as well such as ethnicity, habits, etc.

There are exceptions to theory of similarity attraction. In some cases, people get more attracted to partners who complement rather than replicate their attributes. For instance, extremely attractive young women are known to be attracted toward much older wealthy men. People are also not likely to be attracted to other people who shares the same negative quality as that they may constantly reminds them of their shortcomings. For instance, if someone is bulimic may not want to be associated with someone who is suffering from the same eating disorder.

Regardless, people are most attracted toward other people who share the same positive traits. We all feel more at home when we are with our most identical twin. People prefer to be with people who share the same attributes, attitudes, personalities, looks, socioeconomic status, and so on. That said, people still seek love from other people who complement them. That’s why we call our spouse our better half, someone who completes us.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/25/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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