Soothing Romantic Fun Sexy Date Ideas

100 Soothing Romantic Fun Sexy Date Ideas To Try Out Or Implement With Your Passionate Lover Or Romantic Partner

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Following is the full list of hundred top most soothing romantic fun sexy date ideas to try out or implement with your passionate lover or romantic partner:

# Kiss and make out outside while it is raining.

# Dress up in layers and then play strip poker with your partner.

# Take an afternoon nap together and then make out when you wake up.

# Blindfold each other and then try to turn on each other with a red rose or a feather.

# Give each other a hot body-to-body massage.

# Wear each other’s clothes and then take them off one by one.

# Dress up each other to the last piece and then take them off by taking turns.

# Play with each other’s hair and sniff on them.

# Indulge in tantric yoga together for a spiritual connection.

# Whisper something hot seductively in each other’s ears.

# Sit on the same sofa chair so that you can be as close as possible to each other.

# Snuggle together in front of a fireplace on a cold, snowy day under the covers.

# Spend an evening together in your underclothes.

# Indulge in some hot public display of affection.

# Have a hot gourmet meal naked in bed under the covers.

# Put your hands in each other’s pockets for warmth in the winters.

# Wear silky and bright-colored sexy underwear to bed.

# Go to a strip club together and make out on your way back.

# Undress each other slowly while kissing each other.

# Share one of your wildest and naughtiest fantasies, then make it come true.

# Kiss each other’s hands and fingers passionately.

# Shower your partner with kisses all over them, from head to toe.

# Use pheromones to exciting things in the bedroom.

# Have phone sex from different rooms in the house and then eventually make it real.

# Play truth or dare, the sexy version of it.

# Tell your partner a dirty joke and then laugh out loud.

# Sweat it out with your partner naked in a sauna.

# Make love passionately with most of your clothes still on.

# Make love in hot water indoor private pool while no one is around.

# Hug your partner from behind and kiss on the side of their neck.

# Sleep in a camping sleeping bag snuggling together.

# Play in the mud together naked and then shower together.

# Make out all of a sudden for no reason at all.

# Kiss and hug for an extended period of time.

# Slow dance in your bedroom and see where it goes.

# Just stay in bed all day and all night cuddling up and making out endlessly.

# Get cozy in front of a fireplace to set the mood for a long romantic night.

# Go for a midnight skinny-dipping in your pool and make out in it.

# Rent an exotic hotel room and have crazy sex all night long.

# Rent a cozy cabin for just two in the mountains, stay in and shower all your love on your partner.

# Flirt with your partner in public, give them your attention, and tell them you just can’t wait to be with them in some private place.

# Take some toys to bed to experiment and spice up things.

# Surprise your partner unexpectedly in the shower.

# Go to a local bed and breakfast, it would be good to have some romance in someone else's house.

# Give each other a body massage using some of the aromatherapy oils.

# Instead of calling in a masseuse, give your partner a full body massage.

# Get kinky, it can be extremely effective in giving a new shade to your romance.

# Make your lover dress up in your clothes and you in their clothes.

# Go through every position in the Kama Sutra.

# Sit on your partner’s lap even if there’s sitting room elsewhere.

# Buy satin sheets for your bed, then get under the covers.

# Wear sexy underwear with a special romantic message on it.

# Sext each other all day long and then try some of it when you meet up.

# Cover your bed with rose petals, just like in the movies, and then make a real-life love scene on it.

# Go to a nude beach, this can really be a lot of fun and will definitely bring the two of you even closer.

# Watch a classic love story naked cuddling up under a warm blanket.

# Pullover on a scenic spot, stay in the car, and make out while enjoying the scenery.

# Get a tree house and then make out in it, make sure it’s big enough to accommodate the two of you.

# Go to a movie where most of the theater is empty, then ignore the movie and make out like teenagers.

# Cover each other with oil before slipping and sliding on silk sheets.

# Rent a van and make out in the back, act as if it’s your bedroom.

# Try horseback riding on the same horse and try to make out but be careful not to fall on your butt.

# Take an afternoon nap holding each other tight.

# Light up some sandalwood or musk incense sticks to make it romantic and be in each other's arms.

# Shave each other, he can shave her legs, and she can shave his beard.

# Light some scented candles and turn the lights off while making love passionately.

# Go to the jacuzzi and have some private fun together.

# Play soft music in your bedroom and slow dance with minimum clothes on.

# Touch your partner behind their ears or neck in a sensuous way.

# Lie down on a floating swing together and make out.

# Whisper something very intimate or dirty to your partner in a crowded place.

# Play with your partner’s hair while feeling lost in their eyes.

# Give each other a back massage using some perfumed lotions.

# Keep staring at each other until you can’t stop but kiss endlessly like there is no tomorrow.

# Sneak away without telling anyone from a party and then make out like crazy.

# Sprinkle water on each other with the hose and then make out when you are still wet.

# Get dirty by changing the oil of your car in the garage and then touching each other all over with dirty hands.

# Kiss and hold each other tight when it’s storming hard or when the sky is lightning.

# Get colorful by playing with watercolors by throwing colors at each other and then making out.

# Watch a sensuous romantic movie and try to replicate the same scene while watching in your bedroom.

# Role play and behave as if this is the first time you are going to have a romantic encounter.

# Sleep on a small mattress so that you both are stuck to each other all night long.

# Light a red bulb in your bedroom and get naked so that your bodies turn red.

# Surprise your partner by being fully nude under the covers when they come to bed.

# Turn the heat off on a cold winter night, and give each other some warm body heat.

# Turn the air conditioning off on a hot summer afternoon and make love while sweating.

# Try your hands on tantric yoga with your lover to feel good.

# Indulge in some dirty dancing by playing some sensuous music in your bedroom to get into the mood.

# Read an erotic novel together right before it is time to go to sleep.

# Fantasize about how you would love each other by texting each other and then make it real when you meet up next.

# Go to a construction site and make out when nobody is there.

# Get inside a cold storage area and hold each other to keep each other warm.

# Make out in a hot, humid summer afternoon where you both are sweating like crazy.

# Sleep all night long with your lips locked tightly.

# Kiss each and every part of your partner’s body by taking turns.

# Play with a few ice cubes while making out.

# Stay in bed for the entire weekend and just be with each other.

# Do some house cleaning together in just your under clothes.

# Sit on your partner’s lap and kiss them passionately.

# Find reasons to be intimately close to your partner as often as possible.

Aforementioned is the full list of hundred top most soothing romantic fun sexy date ideas to try out or implement with your passionate lover or romantic partner:
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November 11 ,2022
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