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Teenage Love

Teenage Or Adolescent Love Is Young And Youthful

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Teenage is the age when one is not a child anymore but they are not full-fledged adults either. Teenage falls right in between childhood and adulthood. It is a very tender age, especially when it comes to love, romance, and relationships. It is a highly volatile phase in anyone’s life. Lots of hormonal changes take place in this period.

Teenage is a highly unstable phase of life with lots of emotional and personality changes taking place, and so is the love that comes during teenage. Reaching the age of puberty is a defining phase in everyone’s life. Long gone the days when teenage love was seen as pious and pure. When teenage love was not only overly innocent but also incredibly strong.

Today's teenagers get into romantic relationships not to form long-term alliance but merely for fun and entertainment. Many years ago teenagers married right after their schooling. Hence, they were in love with their first romantic encounter which they took it seriously. They stood by it until the end of their love.

Nowadays teenager love has changed. It is not taken seriously by the teenagers itself who fall in love as such love seems to be fun and entertainment to them. Teenage love is nothing but fun. It is where entering and exiting relationships becomes a trend.

Teenage love comes and goes frequently. Teenagers believe in meeting, mating, and then separating. So the basic definition of teenage love has gone through a complete overhaul. Selecting and dumping a new partner every other weekend is how teenage love works these days.

Teenage love is immature love and is more of a fantasy. Teenage love is falling too hard in love and then soon either dumping the other person or getting dumped by the other. Teenage love can be very intense in nature as the energy is at the peak at that age. Teenage love today has gone through a complete transformation and the teenagers these days are even more advanced their adult counterparts in many ways.

They behave as if they have fully grown up and takes their romantic relationships just like adults. They don’t realize that they have not yet fully matured and they are still in the growing up phase of their life. Teenage love is a nightmare for parents. Teenage love also has many other adverse consequences as unplanned pregnancies, spreading diseases, etc.

Of course, teenage love and romance can be a beautiful experience. But only if both people involved are matured enough to handle a relationship and take responsibility for their actions. In fact, teenage is the best time to fall in real love. But at that tender age, it often becomes difficult to realize the true meaning of love and everything that comes with it.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/25/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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