Tips To Make Erotic Passionate Love

10 Tips To Make Erotic Passionate Love To Your Partner By Doing A Few Simple Things That Can Make Things Extra Romantic With Your Lover

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If you want to be a more romantic lover, then you must learn how to use romance to express your affection towards your partner. There is a big difference between being romantic and being extra romantic. The more romance you add your relationship, the stronger it will become. This is one of those few things where being excessive is a good thing. So go ahead be as romantic as possible to your loved one and break all barriers.

Following is the full list of ten top most tips to make erotic passionate love to your partner by doing a few simple things that can make things extra romantic with your lover:

# Use Scents:
The first thing that comes to our mind when we are trying to be extra romantic is making the best use of perfumes and colognes. You can also use them in essential oils or body mists. Rose and jasmine fragrances are known to be romantic. Try a different scent every day and see which one works the best for you in enticing some romance in your life.

# Scented Candles:
Whenever there is romance there are scented candles. Light up some fancy candles all around the room and fill the space with their fragrance. This can be highly intoxicating and euphoric. Try a different type of candles as there are endless selections to choose from.

# Light Music:
It has been scientifically proven that music can literally make the heart sing. Play some soft soothing music that is pleasant to the ears. You can try some romantic lyrics or just play some romantic instrumental music. Music can take the romance to a whole new level as it can make your hearts sing to its tunes.

# Slow Dance:
Immerse yourself into each other by slow dancing with each other. Hold each other nicely and whisper something romantic in each other’s ears. Look deep into each other’s eyes and also shower a few kisses. All this can make the situation ten fold more passionate and romantic.

# Express Love:
Sometimes gesture alone are not enough and we need to say the words about how exactly we feel about our partner. Express your true feelings and tell your partner how much you love them and why you love them so much and you may think that you have already done this many times but it is never enough to express your love for your soul mate. It is said that our eyes are the way to our heart and our eyes can never lie. Let your eyes communicate your feelings for your loved one because just an in-depth look into their eyes can be awfully romantic.

# Have Conversations:
It is very important to have a transparent conversation about all aspects of your relationship. Sometimes we make the mistake of assuming things. Always make sure that everything is clear between you and your partner. What is inside your heart should be on your tongue as well if you want to be sure that you have a great romantic relationship with your partner.

# Use Touch:
All the talks and romantic gestures are great but they really don’t mean much without physical touch. There must be physical contact between two bodies whenever there is romantic love. Physical intimacy is crucial in any romantic relationship and a touch can be merely holding hands or it could be full blown making out or making love. Our bodies constitute our private space and it means a lot when someone comes close to us.

# Kissing Hugging:
Kissing and hugging is paramount if you want to be romantic. Long and deep kisses can really strengthen the bond between two people. Be passionate while kissing your partner. Kisses have been proven to enhance intimacy between two people.

# Extended Foreplay:
Turn up the romantic heat by indulging in long and extended foreplay. It is imperative to make out with your lover as often as you can. Be playful and be naughty. Make sure you pamper your partner in the most intimate way possible.

# Make Love:
It is essential to realize that making love should be the last step of being extra romantic and not the first one. Make sure you do all the romantic activities before going for full-fledged sex. Make passionate love all night long and not just sex. Making love as often as possible and for as long as possible can make your love everlasting.
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November 15 ,2020
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