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Too Much Love

Too Much Love Can Be Detrimental And Harmful Because Excess Of Even Some Of The Good Things Can Have Negative Consequences

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Loving too much is harmful to both partners. When you love your partner too much, you are in some way taking away or occupying your partner’s private space or freedom. Never take away your partner’s freedom by cutting their wings. Let them fly wherever they want. If your partner loves you, they will come back to you. By not giving your partner space, you are disrespecting their privacy. This is no way means you should become blinded to infidelity. Just don’t put your partner in a cage, instead let me do what they want. If your love and bond is real, nothing and on one can take that away from you.

Loving too much curtail growth of you, your partner, and your relationship as well. Loving someone also means you respect what they want and not forcing them into something they don’t want. Allow your relation to grow and that can only happen when both partners are free to do what they want. Putting restrictions or limitations hinder growth in relationship. A healthy relationship needs time to grow. Rushing things will not only stunt the growth, it may even end the relationship altogether.

Loving too much will also rob your partner’s independence. Let them make their own decisions instead barging into every little thing. Independence leads to growth. Taking your partner’s independence will put them in a cage. Don’t dictate every move of your partner, instead walk hand in hand with them. Make decisions that are mutual. Let them independently make small decision such as which salad dressing to put in their salad, while making joint decisions when it comes to life changing events such as buying a new house. Don’t force yourself at your partner, instead wait for an invitation.

Loving too much leads to stale and boring love. Having too much of the same thing all the time can be boring. Having the same dish every day can make even the most gourmet food taste bland. Trying a new dish in between can break that chain.

Moreover, give your partner an opportunity to miss you, a chance to crave to be with you. It’s human psychology, we don’t realize the true value of something when that thing goes away from us. We tend to takes things for granted if we always at close distance with it. Too much love leads to taking the other for granted and the person may even misuse or take advantage of such a situation.

Find a balance of how much love to give and when. Learn to sprinkle just enough love that won’t harm your relationship. Even too much sugar in your coffee makes it taste yucky. So always give your partner a chance to do what they want without you being in it.

Loving too much shouts feeling of desperation. Don’t show desperation for love as that can have many negative consequences. If you are in a new relationship, take things slow. Rushing into something by giving or asking for too much love can make you sound desperate. It may also make you seem incapable of standing on your own two feet.

Showing just a little bit of desperation can show your interest and love for your partner. But too much can go against you.
In the end, no matter how much you love your partner, giving them too much love can have many negative and dangerous consequences. Let love take its own course and it will surely come to you if it’s meant to be.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 08/24/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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