Unique Romantic Fun Sexy Date Ideas

100 Unique Romantic Fun Sexy Date Ideas To Try Out Or Implement With Your Passionate Lover Or Romantic Partner

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Following is the full list of hundred top most unique romantic fun sexy date ideas to try out or implement with your passionate lover or romantic partner:

# Play a low energy game like billiards or pool, challenge each other to win.

# Play volleyball, call out a few friends and have some fun under the sun.

# Play with a frisbee, it’s good exercise and a lot of fun.

# Play bingo, set exciting prices and see who wins.

# Play hooky, sometimes doing nothing at all is the best thing to do.

# Ride go-karts, it’s not just for the kids.

# Play a game of tennis and set couple goals.

# Hop on to your bicycle and ride along a trail, it can be both healthy as well as fun.

# Play a board game and invite a few friends.

# Play with fireworks together, it can be a lot of fun but be safe.

# Go visit a few special places that you used to but have not visited in a long time.

# Make plans for a weekend getaway but tell your partner in advance.

# Plan something really big, something that needs a lot of thought and time to put it together because the longer it takes you to do it the more
romantic it will become.

# Play a game of pool, see who wins the next time around.

# Splash water on each other in the yard.

# Create your own water park in your backyard, use sprinklers and hose.

# Give your partner clues and see if they can trace you down to a restaurant where you are waiting for them.

# Visit an aquarium, dolphins are fun to watch.

# Fly a kite, it can be colorful and will definitely bring out the child in you.

# Run through the garden sprinklers on a hot summer day.

# Plan a guessing date, make some plans for the weekend and then write them on a piece of paper and then ask your partner to guess what it is.

# Make a bucket list together, then check them off as you fulfill them.

# Buy an accessory or a piece of jewelry and place it in the closet, then wait for your partner to notice it.

# Get physically fit by hitting the trails, biking or hiking both would be an excellent choice.

# Act like tourists in your own hometown, spend a day out and take lots of photos.

# Plan an all-inclusive day casino cruise, enjoy the sumptuous food and try your luck at the slots.

# Make a trip to a local bed and breakfast, a different setting can give a new angle to your romance.

# Visit a botanical garden, they are refreshing so enjoy the bounty of nature together.

# Visit a local vineyard, pick a few bottles on your way back home.

# Book a honeymoon suite for a night and pretend you are newlyweds, this can really set your romance on fire.

# Book a limo ride to tour the city, it will make you both feel special.

# Plan your dream vacation in which money is not an object, this will give you couple goals and perhaps one day you both can make it come true.

# Start on a home project together, building something together with your partner will definitely develop your romantic relationship as well.

# Rent a private jet for a couple of hours and make a short trip to a close by city, it will make you both feel awfully rich and romantic.

# Run a marathon race together, it’s both fun and athletic.

# Kidnap your partner by blindfolding them and taking them to a nice scenic place.

# Buy a large kitchen cabinet, then assemble it together as it could take hours or even days to put it all together.

# Crash a party or wedding reception, make sure to buy a small gift though, just to pay for your meals.

# Make it a beach day, get lazy and enjoy some of the tropical cocktails together.

# Visit a local carnival, it will surely bring back some old memories when you were kids.

# Write I love you with your blood, this is only for the really hardcore romantic people but be careful not to hurt yourself.

# Take a road trip to a close by touristy destination or perhaps a national park you have always wanted to visit.

# Take a swim with dolphins, it can be a great experience with the love of your life.

# Take a helicopter ride of your town, romance is in the air.

# Take a romantic drive to nowhere.

# Take a motorbike ride holding each other tightly.

# Go camping, get intimate under the open sky and bond together.

# Go for ice skating or rollerblading, whatever the weather permits.

# Go for a scavenger hunt, set the rules and see who wins.

# Go strawberry picking, it can be fun and exciting if you have never done this before together as partners.

# Go apple picking, pick up a few bottles of fresh cider on your way out.

# Go blackberry picking, they are rare to find but can be a lot of fun.

# Go orange picking, don’t forget to squeeze fresh juice while you are at it.

# Go for skydiving, hold on to each other and kiss as you cruise down and it is one of the most daring things you both can do.

# Go for gliding, romancing in the air is the second best to none.

# Go for rock climbing, make sure to have the proper gear.

# Go for scuba diving, it can be very exciting.

# Go for bungee jumping, they can be very thrilling, but only if you both have the guts.

# Go for snorkeling, you can’t go wrong with that.

# Go ride in a carousel or a merry-go-round.

# Go fishing together and share the same pole.

# Go to a bowling alley, grab a drink or two and have fun bowling.

# Go to a miniature golf course and fun all day long, enjoy the food too.

# Go for a paddle boat in a lake enjoying the calm waters together.

# Go for an exciting hot air balloon ride, hold on to each other if you feel scared.

# Go for an improv show, they are usually cheap, and you are sure to have some fun.

# Go home furnishing shopping at a local thrift store or a flea market.

# Go to an open house, it can help you both know each other better even if you are not ready to live together.

# Go waterskiing, don’t be afraid because there will be guides.

# Go to a happening bar, act as if you both are trying to woo each other.

# Go to a sports game, enjoy the stadium food and some quality time together.

# Go to a park in your block, simply sit on the bench holding hands or lay on the grass.

# Go to a water park, you both will be almost naked and having fun with the water.

# Go to the beach, enjoy the sun, water, and sand.

# Go skiing, have fun and get frozen and then thaw each other with warmth.

# Go to a hookah bar since it’s not the healthiest things to do just do it once and experience the high.

# Go to a night club, dance all night and be stuck with each other.

# Go to a haunted house, they are both fun and exciting and will surely bring the two of you closer.

# Go to a workout dance class, you get to workout and dance as well.

# Go on a brewery tour, try some of the freshly brewed beer and get drunk on each other.

# Go to a zoo, feed the animals and enjoy the day.

# Go for a horse and buggy ride, it is classy and will make you both feel royal

# Go for skeet shooting, it is like hunting but less brutal.

# Go to an amusement park, they are not just for kids because it can be equally romantic to ride on the rollercoaster holding on to each other.

# Go for sightseeing, explore your city together even if you have already seen it many times.

# Go to a video game place, yes they still exist, and all you have to do is find one close to you.

# Go to the circus, bring back the child in you.

# Go to a horse race course, make some bets and try your luck.

# Go to a dog race, just watch or make some bets.

# Go for a spin on a ferris wheel, it can bring back the child in you and you both are sure to have some good laughs together.

# Go to a casino and try your luck together

# Go play or dance in the rain and get wet, make sure it’s not too cold.

# Go golfing, you can easily have fun all day long while being in the company of each other.

# Go kayaking, it is both fun and adventurous.

# Go for a workout session in your gym, burn some calories and build up some stamina.

# Go to a game of mini golf, they also have some great food.

# Go to a horror movie, hold hands and each other if you feel scared.

# Go whale watching, even if you can’t see any you will have each other by your side.

# Go on a ghost tour together, you will have someone to hold on to if you get scared.

# Go for rock climbing, you both will have fun and a good workout.

Aforementioned is the full list of hundred top most unique romantic fun sexy date ideas to try out or implement with your passionate lover or romantic partner:
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November 15 ,2020
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