Unrequited Love Or Parasocial Relationships

Unrequited Love Or Parasocial Relationships And One Sided Love Or One Way Relationship Is Imbalanced Because Only Either Of The Two Partners Has Feelings And Emotions For The Other

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Unrequited Love Or Parasocial Relationships:

Unrequited love or parasocial relationships and one-sided love or one-way relationship refers to the feelings of love that are not directly understood, returned, or rewarded from the other side. It is possible that the other, the beloved, may not be aware of the admirer's romantic feelings, or maybe consciously or subconsciously rejecting it. It is felt only by one person, and the other one does not return the same type of emotions, it is a love in which the other person does not love you back in the same way.

Unrequited Love Or Parasocial Relationships Are One Sided Love Or One Way Relationship:

A one-sided relationship usually happens when one partner is sentimental and is genuinely in love. The other has a more casual approach to love in general. This could be a relationship in which one is in love, and the other is fascinated. One partner is the one pitching in while the other doesn’t care less. This may work out perfectly in the beginning, but eventually, it can create havoc in a relationship. Things can turn ugly, and it can be a long, painful road to hell. A real relationship is a two-way street, not a one-way street to nowhere. There is a constant belief that one day, things will change, but that day never comes. Some people are stuck in such a relationship for years together without being able to repair or exit it. There is an age-old saying that says that a stitch in time saves nine.

Following are some signs that you are in an unrequited love or parasocial relationship, and it may be time to do some talking to bring some parity.

One person does most of the things in the relationship, and the other is almost docile. If only one person does everything and the other take any initiative or doesn’t even care to return the favor at all, then it means they are taking their partner for granted.

One person initiates most of the communication in person and via phone calls or text messaging. If only one person is the only one to initiates, all communications and the other only respond and never make any effort on their own even if days go by without exchanging even a word, then it shows the level of interest or keenness from the other side to remain in touch.

One person always proactively makes plans to meet up and spend time together. If only one person makes an effort to hang out and spend quality time together and the other agrees to it sometime and tries to make excuses other times for not being able to meet, then it is apparent that things are just dragging.

One person is always held responsible for everything and asked to apologize without their fault. If one person is continuously taken on a guilt trip and made to feel apologetic, then that can never be a good sign in any relationship.

One person always has to justify everything. If one person has to always provide justifications and clarifications for each and every thing, then it leads to a controlling relationship.

One person is always continually making sacrifices and giving up things for their relationship. If only one person is the one always compromising and letting things go to meet the demands in a relationship, then it means there is no fairness in the relationship.

One person is always worried about the survival of the relationship while the other is carefree. If only one person is always stressed about making things work and others it doesn’t matter to the other, then one person is in total control over the other, and this can be a dangerous situation.
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November 15 ,2020
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