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Love Marriage

Love Marriage Is A Marriage That Is Solely Based Out Of Love And Romance Between Two People Who Are Married Or Getting Married

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Love marriage is a marriage in which two individuals of the opposite sex like or love each other and get married with or without the consent or permission of their parents or families. There are no clear cut definition of love marriage. Different people in different cultures may define it slightly differently. It is usually used to describe a marriage which took place because of the sole decision of the two people in question. The main reason for marriage as the term suggests is love between the two people involved.

Love marriage is a term that is used mostly in Asia and the Middle East. It is predominantly used in South Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh. It is also used in the middle eastern countries where it is banned for most part. In the western countries in the Americas and Europe, a marriage by default would be a love marriage. Hence, the term love marriage is not used in the western part of the world. People who have migrated from the east to the west are also rapidly changing their lifestyle in order to get more westernized. In fact, many people migrate from small towns to big cities just so that they can get married to whoever they like.

Love marriages are known to break all sort of barriers such as class, caste, community, culture, and religion. These marriages are considered socially unacceptable for most part. It is often seen in a negative light and is often looked down in the rural areas. It considered as an opposition of the younger generation by the wishes of the older generation. It can also be seen as a generational divide.

Love marriages are becoming the new standard in the new world. It is a growing movement. Things are not so bad in the urban areas where the society is more open and modern. It still is banned in many Islamic cultures where it is completely forbidden and there can be severe penalties and punishments for being part of a love marriage.

Love marriages are becoming more and more common, especially in the urban areas. Things are changing mainly due the influence of the western culture. People are getting educated and want to take their own decisions in most important areas of their life, especially marriage. Even the society and the community in general is becoming more and more open and receptive to this new trend. It is no longer seen as a taboo.

Love marriages are picking up pace. There is a slow but a steady growth in the number of couples who select their own spouse. This movement is only going to increase in the coming years. Technology is one of the most important reason for this change as it is rapidly bridging the gaps between different parts of the world and thereby making world a smaller and more connected place than ever before in history. Regardless of the culture or geographic location, the civil union of a man and woman should come out of love and only love. There can be other reasons, but love should be the main reason to get into a holy matrimony.
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June 29 ,2019

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