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Love Marriage Versus Arranged Marriage

Main Differences Between Love Marriage And Arranged Marriage

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Love marriage and arranged marriage are two different processes of getting married. There are pros and cons to both systems. Both has some advantages and disadvantages. Some things are good in each system. There are pitfalls in both systems. A lot also depends on many factors like culture and values. Which approach is better is an age-old debate and the opinion varies in great proportions on both sides of the isles.

Following are some of the main differences between love marriage and arranged marriage:

In a love marriage, selection is solely done by the two people involved and the onus is on them for any failures; whereas, in an arranged marriage, the two families take the full responsibility of selecting the prospective mate.

In a love marriage, all important decisions are taken only by the two people involved; whereas, in an arranged marriage, almost everything is decided by the respective families.

In a love marriage, love is the most important factor in making a decision; whereas, in an arranged marriage, there is very little or no place at all for love or anything close to that.

In a love marriage, it is considered that love always prevails and can conquer almost everything; whereas, in an arranged marriage, other traits besides love take precedence.

In a love marriage, just being in love is a sufficient reason to get married; whereas, in an arranged marriage, importance of love is overshadowed by other real-life factors which are considered much more important.

In a love marriage, love is of primary concern; whereas, in an arranged marriage, the sustainability or making a marriage work in the long-run is of main concern.

In a love marriage, everything hinges upon the emotion of love which is the fulcrum of the union; whereas, in an arranged marriage, it is a strong union that goes much deeper than just love as it involves coming together of two families.

In a love marriage, it is a marriage solely between two people; whereas, in an arranged marriage, it is a marriage between two families who unite to stand together at all times and it leads to creation of many relations between the family members of the two families.

In general, there are good and bad in both systems. Both systems have their merits as well as demerits. It is best to take best out of both systems while ditching the bad parts. We live in a society which is becoming more and more intolerant to what happens in a relationship. Divorce rate is at the highest levels in history. It’s when you use your heart to know if there is love and also your head to know if that love can be sustained over a long period that you can take a prudent decision. A marriage is and should be a matter of hearts but being blind in love and tossing out all the senses could be the biggest mistake that anyone could make. Hence, it is very important to know everything about love marriage and arranged marriage and then take a well-informed and smart approach ahead of making the biggest decision of your life.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/24/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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