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Marriage As Business

Marriage As Business Partnership Between Two People Who Gets Into A Holy Matrimony But With Very Specific Conditions Or Requirements

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Marriage in most part is nothing short of a business partnership. That is why some people call a couple as partners. Two people come together and decide to spend the rest of their lives together. There is a lot at stakes. In fact, a marriage is even more crucial than a business deal. One can reverse things in business or even file for bankruptcy protection. But in a marriage, there are great ramifications if things don’t work out well. Hence, it is good to think of marriage as a business deal.

A marriage is more like a business partnership than an incorporation. Here, two people come together to form a lifelong partnership to lead a happy and prosperous life. Just like in a business, both people must be compatible in order to make the partnership worthwhile. There has be a lot of understanding between the two partners for things to work out in the long-haul.

A marriage is just like managing a business. Here, two people are managing their shared life together. This needs a lot of management skills. Mismanagement can make a company go out of business or a marriage to fall apart. Both partners need to work as business partners to keep the business floating.

A marriage should be fulfilling and gainful just like a business. People get married to be happier than they were as singles. It is the same as making a business profitable. Each person must get more out of it than what they put it. In other words, there must a positive return on investment. No one like to invest and incur losses. Things are no different in a marriage. A business that makes repeated losses eventually goes out of business. Likewise, a marriage that makes perpetual losses also eventually goes out of the wedlock.

A marriage can never be always hunky-dory as is the case with a business as well. Every business sometimes makes profits and sometimes losses and that’s part and parcel of life. Even a marriage goes through different phases, some are pleasant while other are turbulent. What matter most is that there should be a net gain at the end of the day.

A marriage is a partnership between two people like a business partnership. The single most important decision that would make the partnership last is the careful selection of partners. If both partners are compatible and complement each other, it’s more likely that things will go well. Getting involved with a wrong partner can send you straight to the bankruptcy court.

It would be a good idea to make a business partnership plan. It would be highly beneficial to draft a plan and put everything in writing. Lay down what each person wants from the marriage. All the things they have to offer and all the things they are want in return. Remember, it is a business merger, not an acquisition. Two companies are coming together to form one big enterprise where the new whole is greater than the sum total of each part.

A marriage indeed is nothing but a business plan. As harsh as it may sound, nothing comes for free. There are no free lunches in life. Both partners must have equality and mutuality to be equal partners in life. Just a slight imbalance can be devastating. Hence, it’s important to specify everything in advance. Who will do the cooking. Who will do the cleaning. Who will earn the money. Who will manage the house. How much romance is expected. How much time together is expected. How much sex is expected. How much time alone is expected. The list is endless. The more clarity you bring on the table, the better the chances of success. The above is just an analogy between a marriage and a business to explain a concept. The reality is that marriages are not like business, they are indeed like roses that needs constant care and love for them to blossom to their very best.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 08/23/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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