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Marriage As Contract

Marriage As Contract Between Two People Who Gets Into A Holy Matrimony But With Very Specific Conditions Or Requirements

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Most people would agree that a marriage is a complicated business affair. Yes, that’s exactly what it is, a business contract. Marriages can be life-changing. Sure, marriage is and should come out of love and nothing else. That said, we sometime make irrational decisions because we get carried away and sometimes get drowned in an emotional pool.

Things can be different if we approach marriage as a contract or an agreement between two parties. When two people enter into a contract, they make sure everything is pre-decided and agreed upon. Hence, the chances of any failures or mishaps are limited. And even if something does go wrong, there will be clause that can help you get out of an unforeseen situation. Love is a complex business and should be treated like one.

Marriage is a union of two souls. Think of that union as a merger of two people. When entering into any business contract, everything is carefully examined. It is important to know full history and viability of the businesses. The same concept should be applied in marriages so that there can be a strong unification of two people.

Marriage is a give and take relationship. One should know exactly what will the give and what will be the take from both parties just like in a business contract. Both parties must know what they want from the marriage. Everything must be put on the table and both parties should sit across the table. Each and every aspect must be clearly communicated. All expectations and hopes should be expressed. Doing so will put everything out in the open, leaving very little for guessing. So take the guess-work out and be frank. Most marriages fail because there are a lot surprises and secrets that unfolds after the marriage. Instead of putting you best foot forward, be candid about the dark spots.

Marriage is a matter of compromises and sacrifices. Those compromises and sacrifices can be and should be negotiated as in a business contract. After both parties know what they want from each other, they can either refuse or accept. No one can get everything they want, so the best way is to negotiate. Keep negotiating until there is an equality or balance in what each party will do for the other.

Marriage is something that should bring happiness. Both people should feel that they will be better off than they were before getting married so that there is a net benefit as in a business contract. Nobody wants to enter into an agreement to make a loss. Make sure you will be happier and more satisfied after the marriage.

Once every minute detail is drafted, go through each section and each clause. It is crucial that both parties wholeheartedly agrees with every term and condition. It would be great to initial next to each section. Finally, sign the contract if everything is acceptable.

Taking marriage as a contract will give immense clarity in the mind of both potential partners. Most people hesitate in doing something like this because it sounds like a business contract. It is better to be upfront than be sorry later. Both partners should understand that it is for better of both people involved. Marriage is a serious affair and should be taken like one. Make sure you seal and sign your contract ahead of tying the knot to live happily ever after.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 08/23/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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