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Marriage At First Sight

Marriage At First Sight Happens When Two People Instantly Falls In Love With Each Other In Their First Meeting And Immediately Decides To Get Married

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Marriage at first sight is a fairly common experience when a person feels an immideate, strong, and possibly eternal and sometimes intense attraction towards a person on the first sight of them. In old times, the term marriage at first sight was thought to be in the context of a more general cencept of intense love, a kind of strong connection for some person. This extreme connection was often described through love's arrows and love darts, and its source being the cupid itself. These arrows were created to enter the peron's eyes and then pierce through their heart, creating a strong feeling.

Marriage at first sight is a sudden and immideate captivation of someone in first meeting. Marriage at first sight theory can also be seen as a lifelong search for your soulmate and when you find that person right in front of your eyes. You feel completely mesmerized with love and affection towards that person. Marriage at first sight also has a more traditional origin.

Marriage at first sight usually happens due to two main reasons. One reason is that the attractiveness of a person is mostly formed within the first few moments in the first meeting. The other reason is that the first few momentd of a meeting with a person is more reflective of the future of the marriage. These two reasons are even more relevant than other things such as things in common and personal habits.

It is very easy to confuse marriage at first sight with infatuation or lust where you feel carried away by the moment which can be very exciting but it dies out soon thereafter. When it comes to marriage, there are two types of people. One who are mindful about their feelings and have their guards always turned on. They take things cautiously and patiently, they even walk away from the situation if they notice anything wrong. The other type of people are the ones who literally carry their hearts on their sleeves. Their heart falls for the other person without giving it a thought and before they can even realize they have already become involved on in the marriage proposal.

Marriage at first sight is a common thing and most people have experienced it at least sometime in their lifetime, if not more than that. Almost some people believe in marriage at first sight. Ironically, less than half of the marriage at first sight have the longevity or the staying power. A vast majority of marriage at first sight falls apart within the first few days. The reason being that most of these people get married very quickly without thinking about other real life compatibility issues.

Feelings of getting married can sometimes happen in a split second and strike as fast as lightening but such feelings may disappears just as fast as they come. Marriage at first sight happens when two people meet and there is an instant connection. Marriage at first sight triggers some chemical reaction in the brain upon seeing someone for the very first time. That person may or may not be good looking as it is often said that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. So it is more than just the outer appearance. The heart strats beating faster and takes the breath away when some decides to get married at first sight. The one who is smitten by love at first sight with a stranger feels pulled towards that person. Marriage at first sight can either lead to a happy marriage or it can fail very fast.

When marriage at first sight happens not everything about the personal aspect is been observed or noticed. The time seems to be perfect to propose for marriage. The heart beats faster with intense feelings. The eyes look for the person everywhere and wants to talk to that person all the time. Getting married at first sight seems to be like an illusion unless experienced. A person does not know their own worth or beauty unless someone decided to get married to them at the first sight. When someone decides to get married at the first sight they feel totally blessed.

Marriage at first sight is also a signal of getting accepted and liked by someone which can be a big confidence and morale booster. Marriage at first sight also has a social reasoning as feeling of being married can be one of the biggest pressure created by family and society. All these can make a person get married at first sight. It works pretty fast when the two people involved are getting older. The best way to understand marriage at first sight is by experiencing it firsthand because simply reading about it won’t do any good. After all, somtimes feelings develop all of a sudden. Things just happen faster thsn one can comprehend at times. It happens for certian people. It can’t be expressed in words. It has to be felt deep inside. That’s what marriage at first sight is all about.
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June 29 ,2019

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