Endogamy Endogamous Meaning Definition Customs Laws

Endogamy Or Endogamous Means Or Defined As Inside Marriage Or Inbreeding Which Is The Practice Or Norm Of Marrying Someone Within One’s Particular Social Group Or Caste

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Endogamy Or Endogamous Marriages And Relationships:

Endogamy or endogamous means or is defined as the practice or social norm of marrying someone within a particular social group, caste, or ethnicity. Rejecting or declining those from outside as not suitable for marriage and even for engaging in other types of personal or intimate relationships.

Endogamy Is Also Known As Inbreeding:

Endogamy, which is biologically known as inbreeding, is the practice of marrying within one's social group, tribe, class, ethnicity, or unit. The word "endogamy" comes from the Greek word "endo- + gamos," which literally means "inside marriage."

Endogamy Is Marrying Inside:

Endogamy is a rule of marriage in which an individual has to marry within their own group as it prohibits marrying outside the group. Endogamy is marriage within the group, and the group may be defined on the basis of caste, class, tribe, race, village, religious group, etc.

Endogamy Does Not Allow Marriages Outside A Social Group:

In endogamous groups, marriage outside one's group may be forbidden. There are some groups that observe endogamy very seriously as an inherent part of their value system, culture, traditions, or religious beliefs.

Endogamy Discourages Bonding Outside A Social Group:

Endogamy encourages group personal bonding and affiliation as it promotes group solidarity and unit. The opposite of endogamy is exogamy, which means marriage to someone outside the same group.
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