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Marriage Jitters

Marriage Jitters Or Anxiety Are Apprehensions And Nervousness That Comes As A Result Of The Fear Of Entering The Unchartered Territory

Marriage Jitters

Marriage Jitters Or Anxiety Are Apprehensions And Nervousness That Comes As A Result Of The Fear Of Entering The Unchartered Territory

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Marriage is perhaps the biggest decision of the life for most people. It can be a life-changing event. Hence, it is natural to feel some sort of jitters prior to the big day. This is when one feel butterflies in their stomach. The fear can be so enormous sometimes that it can give nightmares and hot-flashes.

When there is so much at stake, anyone would feel nervous. A thousands doubts enter the mind making one feel doubtful about their own decision. It is your subconscious alarming you or warning you. Sometimes these signs are totally valid and one needs to do some introspection and digging in to reevaluate to know if that is what they really want. That said, marriage anxiety in most cases is just nervousness of the unknown.

A marriage nervousness is similar to the way one feels right before an important exam. They feel they don’t know anything, but as soon as they start writing, everything seems fine. Likewise, getting married is an initial nervousness of a highly anticipated event. All that anxiety usually dissipates right after calling the shots.

All that anxiety becomes big as the wedding day approaches. When the day comes with all the family friends circles around, all that anxiety can multiply very fast. Just being the center of attraction and being the spotlight can be awfully overwhelming for some people. It is best to have an informal conversation with friends to calm things down.

One main reason or marriage anxiety is the fear of the unknown. It is almost like entering a dark room, not knowing what’s inside it. The best solution is to get to completely know each other ahead of getting married. The less the surprises, the less the fear of the unknown. Knowing know you are getting into ahead of time might just do the trick. Some people also become apprehensive about being able to satisfy their partner in bed. If that is of concern to you, it may be better to have a talk with your would-be to clear all your worries.

Most people get nervous before marriage because of the responsibilities and expectations that comes with getting married. If you are not yet ready to take the responsibility of a marriage then it may be time to think through what actually you want. Repenting later would be the worst alternative. So be sure of what you want ahead of time and think through if you want to get married in the first place.

A lot of people become fearful of getting married because of their childhood or their past relationships. Our past defines our future course and set of mind. Seeing your parents or a close friend going through a rough marriage can make your fear ten folds more. We automatically connect our past experiences with future outcomes. Explain yourself that every marriage is different and yours will work just fine. Think of all the couples that are happily married instead of focusing on the negative experiences.

In short, most marriage jitters are a result of the fear of entering the uncharted territory. The only solution is to first be sure if you are actually ready to get married without a shred of any doubt. Next, make sure you both know every everything about each other accept each other wholeheartedly without any second thoughts. If you pass these two things, you have nothing to worry about. If not, it is best to delay your marriage until you are fully ready to get into a wedlock.
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June 29 ,2019

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