Proxy Marriage Or Proxy Wedding Meaning Definition Customs Laws

Proxy Marriage Or Proxy Wedding Means Or Defined As A Wedding Ceremony In Which Either The Bride Or The Groom Or Both People That Are Supposed To Be United Are Not Physically Present And Are Represented By Someone Else Known As the Proxy

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Proxy Marriage Or Proxy Wedding:

Proxy marriage or proxy wedding means or is defined as a wedding ceremony in which either the bride or the groom or both people that are supposed to be united are not physically present and are represented by someone else who is known as the proxy. If both partners are absent, then it is called a double proxy wedding or a double proxy marriage.

A proxy marriage is a wedding in which someone else appears for one of the two parties to take the vows. In other words, one of the two people that are going to get married is not physically present to attend the wedding ceremony.

How Proxy Wedding Works:

In a proxy wedding, during the solemnization of the marriage, depending on a power of attorney, an agent acts on behalf of one of the two parties. In a double-proxy marriage is a marriage in which neither party is present to take the vows.

Marriage by proxy has been around for a very long time. Proxy marriages were widespread during wartime.

Each country and state has its own rules related to allowing marriages by proxy. Most proxy marriage laws are restricted to members of the armed forces who are currently deployed to another location during conflicts or wars.

A proxy marriage is a way to be legally married in situations when at least one of the two members of the couple is not physically present. Marriage by proxy gives privileges that are not awarded to girlfriends or fiancees or even live-in or domestic couples, regardless of how long the couple has been together.
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November 15 ,2020
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