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Open Relationship

Open Relationship

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Open relationship is a no strings attached non-monogamous non-exclusive or polygamous relationship, where both partners mutually agree to give each other full freedom and total liberty to have other simultaneous romantic or sexual relationships, without any limitations or restrictions, and without jeopardizing or threatening their own association, making it a totally non-limiting and non-restrictive fully open relationship with no commitments or obligations whatsoever.

Open relationship is also called casual relationship or informal relationship.

Open relationship is when the parties involved usually have two or more romantic or sexual relationships occurring concurrently at the same time either as a short-term relationship, such as dating, or a long-term relationship, such as marriage.

Open relationship is a term that is often used interchangeably with polygamy where one or both partners are allowed to have romantic or sexual relationships with others.

Open relationship is an interpersonal romantic sexual relationship in which the people involved want to be together but mutually agree to be available to have additional parallel romantic sexual relationships.

Open relationship means all parties consensually agree that a romantic, intimate, or sexual relationship with another person is accepted, permitted, as well as tolerated.

Open relationship is an age old concept but it now being accepted more openly and is picking up very fast, especially with the millennials.

Open relationship is sometimes formed when one of the partners in a long term relationship falls in love with another person and does not want to leave the old relationship.

Open relationship is also formed when one of the partners in a committed relationship is unable to fulfil the emotional or sexual needs of the other and hence the need for a third person arises.

Open relationship may also keep the original relationship more intact because the new relationship pumps in a sense of excitement and joy that goes even into the old relationship.

Open relationship may sometimes be a perfect scenario where two people in a committed relationship don’t want to leave each other but at the same time want to experience relationships with other people mainly for excitement and pleasure.

Open relationship has its own rules, both partners in a relationship must openly accept the fact that they are allowed to have other lovers while keeping their relationship intact, or else it would be labeled as infidelity or cheating.

Open relationship requires no commitments from either party, both can openly see other people and get involved with them romantically or sexually.

Open relationship is not mutually exclusive as both partners are free to see whoever they want for whatever reason without threatening their own relationship.

Open relationship is a type of relationship in which two people mutually agree that they want to be together, but are not able to promise that they won’t see other people too at the same time.

Open relationship is a setting in which neither person owns the other for the purpose of exclusivity, in other words they are free to hook up with other people if they wish to do so.

Open relationship allows couples individual freedom and the choice to live and love each other without any restrictions or limitations of commitment.

Open relationship gives both partners the permission to cheat openly and be honest with each other at the same time.

Open relationship may not involve sex as it can very well be just a sexless emotional relationship.

Open relationship is when two committed lovers do not limit each other from having other lovers.

Open relationship is more common in some demographics such as young college educated people in the western world.

Open relationship is more prevalent in certain sectors of the society such as the elite class, film industry, and the like.
Read This: Open Relationship - Open Relationship
Date Posted/Updated On: 07/23/2019
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Open Relationship
Open Relationship
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