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Age Difference In Relationship

Age Difference In Relationship Is Slowly Becoming More And More Irrelevant In Modern Times Because True Love Has No Age

Age Difference In Relationship

Age Difference In Relationship Is Slowly Becoming More And More Irrelevant In Modern Times Because True Love Has No Age

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Age is increasingly becoming more and more irrelevant when it comes to romantic relationships. Huge age gaps used to be a taboo at one time but it is now much more acceptable than ever before. Age is just a two digit number, an arbitrary figure in our mind. Age is simply an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.

The overall life span of human beings has been increasing with time. As the life expectancy is rising and people are staying healthier, their views on age gap in relationship is also changing. These days, it is not uncommon to see much older people in much better physical shape than their younger counterparts. The main reason for this change is general fitness and nutrition. This has further made the age gap all the more irrelevant while selecting mates.

People are becoming more and more open to having relationships where there is a considerable age difference between the two partners. There is an overall shift in how people look at age gaps in relationships. We now live in a totally different time. Our society in general is becoming more and more liberal. What seemed to be a forbidden task a few years ago is now getting acceptable.

Forgoing the age gap also widens the selection for a prospective mate. It becomes less challenging as there are far more options to choose from. People tend to pay more emphasis to other factors such as compatibility and attraction than the actual age difference. This has enabled people to look beyond the biological age of a person.

The mainstream media and the film industry have further contributed towards this changing attitude of age gaps in a relationship. Many celebrities are attached with a significantly older partner. The general public is known to do what their favorite celebrities do. The film and television industry are trend setters and the rest usually follows them. So there is a subconscious following. It has now become a fashion to go out with someone with a big age gap.

The truth is that there is usually a trade off when it comes to a huge age gap between partners. The big age gap is usually compensated by some other factor. For instance, older successful men are known to attract young females just because they are able to offset their age gap by giving financial security that is so much desired by most women. In this case, both parties get what they want, the man a young sexy woman and the woman a successful man who can fulfill all her desires.

It’s worth nothing that both men and women seek for a younger or an older partner for fairly different reasons. Men and women generally seek a much younger partner because of their physical appearance and sex appeal. They also look for an older partner for more financial security. Although, there are exceptions to this rule. Some women find older men much more sexy. Likewise, many young people are far more successful at a very young age.

Age gap will keep on losing its relevance with time. After all, it all boils down to what we want in life and how best to get it. Everyone looks out for their best while selecting a prospective mate. They do what is ultimately beneficial for them. That’s how it always has been but now the only difference is that people are not shy of chasing their dreams and going after what they want.
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June 29 ,2019

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