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Age Gap In Relationship

Age Gap In Relationship Is Slowly Becoming More And More Irrelevant In Modern Times Because True Love Has No Age

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When we seek a romantic mate, we usually have a big list of must have qualities. Age would most likely top that list. Most people are pretty rigid when it comes to age gap between their partner and it can totally be a deal breaker. While there are many others who don’t give so much emphasis to the age difference. Regardless, many people end up in a romantic relationship where there is a significant age gap.

Both men and women are known to desire a relationship with a much older or younger person. For men, being in relationship with a younger woman can be status symbol or something to boast on all all-boys night out. For women, there’s an age old phenomenon of getting attracted to a much younger man. So the existence of such age differences between a man and a woman is nothing new. In fact, it is rapidly catching up and the age gap is becoming increasingly irrelevant.

A relationship is full of challenges. Adding the age factor can make things either more challenging or less challenging depending on each case. The mere existence of age difference in a relationship doesn’t make it any less real. It just may create some challenges that may not otherwise exist if both partners were of the same group. This in some cases may even work as a catalyst.

Different people get into a relationship where there is big age due to different reasons. It’s important to know what your reasons are and if they qualify for a healthy relationship. It is possible that you may be unknowingly seeking more of a parental figure than a romantic partner. It is also possible that you are looking more for your future financial security than the love of your life as people who are older than you are more likely to be more settled. Some people also get physically attracted to much older people. Just make sure what attracts you to an older person for romance and if it’s practically workable.

You must be fully prepared to face some generational differences. Regardless of how flexible you are, you are going to make a lot of lifestyle adjustments. When there is a huge gaps between partners, it is more likely that there is a big mismatch between their overall views and opinions. Look at these differences as a way to learn something new instead of creating a ridge between the two of you.

Another challenge lies in being accepted by the society as a couple. Most people with a huge age gap becomes a laughing stock. Be prepared to face criticism from friends and family. Fortunately, such things are more prevalent at the beginning of a relationship and then slowly subsides with time.

Make sure to look at the long term viability of your relationship. If having children is important for you, it’s a good idea to visit a family doctor to know your options. Another thing to consider is if you both will be around long enough to raise your kids as a couple. All these issues are worth considering before entering a relationship with a big age gap.

At the end, love does not recognize any age. Love is blind but don’t get totally blinded by it. What may seem right today, may not look so desirable a few years from you. Always consider all attributes in the long run and then make a decision. A romantic relationship is a challenge in itself and the age difference may work towards or against it.
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June 29 ,2019
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