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Compassion In Relationship

Compassion Or Kindness In A Relationship Brings Kindheartedness And Thoughtfulness In Any Kind Of Romantic Relationship

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When two people are in a romantic relationship, they need to have a lot of compassion for one another. Compassion means being empathetic and kind towards each other. Compassion should be at the core of a relationship. Both partners should be compassionate and kind. There should be a lot of empathy and sympathy. Compassion or kindness is being generous, humane, and warm hearted. It can be in the form of help, care and support for each other. compassion or kindness is a very important factor in a relationship and it brings two people closer to each other. It increases bonding and reliability in a relationship as it gives a feeling of safety and security.

Being compassionate comprises of feeling other person’s pains and sufferings. It means to see the world from the other person’s eyes or their outlook. It means being in their shoes and taking a close look at their perspective. All this is paramount in any relationship. They should not only feel their pain and suffering but also help them get through with it.

One needs to be compassionate for themselves before they can feel for others. Self-patronizing and self-pity gets piled on over a period of time and becomes a big problem later in a relationship. One needs to dig inside their own heart before they can heals anyone else’s. That’s why they say charity begins at home. So first be compassionate towards yourself and then it will become easier to do the same for your partner.

Many people confuse compassion in a relationship with always being in agreement with their partner. That’s not true, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. To be compassionate, one only needs to lend their ears and give their partner their undivided attention. They just need to make their partner feel that they are there for them and that they get their state of mind like no one else.

It is not uncommon for anger to take over compassion in a relationship. Letting that happen would be a big mistake. It can make things worse. Anger or resentment comes out of unfulfilled desires or wishes. What one needs to do is beyond the anger and see what actually is causing the problem. This again requires one to be compassionate and fill the gaps that is causing the anger and problems in a relationship.

It very important to be compassionate in a relationship but that doesn’t mean one needs to get abused in return. Compassion should not equate to tolerating nonsense. One should try to resolve issues but should not permit things that should not be acceptable in any healthy relationship. So be compassionate but not at the cost of getting abused or mistreated.

The first step in being compassionate is taking responsibility for what we did wrong. It also means that we all have weaknesses and shortcoming. There is no one who is perfect and we all make mistakes. So forgiving is a big part of being compassionate in a relationship.

People also need to adjust their expectations in a relationship by being compassionate. They need to think from the other person’s viewpoint. Having unreasonable expectations and not doing the same for other means there is a lack of compassion. In fact, compassion is just a trait that all of us should have for everyone else around us, not just our spouse. Being compassionate just means being more human and that’s why it is so much important to be compassionate in a relationship.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 06/25/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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