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Competitive Relationship

Competitive Or Rivalrous Relationships Are Aggressive And Hostile Because It Leads To Unhealthy And Harmful Level Of Competition

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A competitive relationship in one in which one or both partners take the healthy spirit of competition to disproportionate levels. Competition is a good thing because it makes us do better and keeps us on the edge. It can be an equally bad thing if it blown out of proportion. The main problem in a relationship occurs when one or both partners begin competing against each other instead of competing jointly with the rest of the world.

We must realize that all humans are born with a competitive feeling to some level. It becomes a problem when that competiveness turns into a rivalry. It becomes even a far bigger problem when all this happens between a couple in a romantic relationship. In a romantic relationship, it is not uncommon when one of the partners want to out compete the other. When one of them looks for their own individual victory and come out as the more victorious one.

Many people in competitive relationships seem to develop a sense of insecurity. This is usually happens when one of the partners make outstanding achievements in their work. This makes one partner much stronger and successful than the other. The weaker partner feels threatened by the success of the stronger partner. Such feelings are absolutely wrong and must be dismissed as soon as they emerge.

A relationship is between two people. Whatever one achieves should be considered as joint achievement which should bring a sense of joy and happiness, not jealousy or resentment. A healthy relationship has an inbuilt non-competitive clause. It says that two partners in crime will not compete with each other. They will complement each other in every walk of life. They will both supplement each other’s strengths and weaknesses for a combined strength.

The main problem with competitive relationships is that put the two partners competing with each other instead of them both competing with everyone else. Both partners must be matured enough to accept that they both have different strengths and weaknesses and that it is alright for one of them to do better than the other. What matters most is joint achievements. In fact, it is paramount to appreciate your partners success with graciousness instead of feeling threatened by it.

Competitive relationships are not good as it creates rivalry between the two. Where love is said to be selfless, competitive relationship has selfish motives. Many a times such competitiveness affects their relationship and it may result in breakups. Competitive relationships are not at all good because love is the language of unity and togetherness. One ends up sidetracking their love for the sake of competition. Where love needs lot of attention, competition in a relationship will definitely result in race game and turn into conflicts. Competitive relationships are more common with people in high profile professions such as movie stars and politicians.

When two people who are in love with each other belong to the same field of work or interest they tend to compete amongst themselves which creates personal rivalry. Though both of them love each other, deep in their heart they have the desire to be superior to the other. It gives rise to a cut throat competition between them. Both try to pull down each other down professionally. Such competitiveness or rivalry can be in any faculty such as who is making more money, who is better dressed, who is a better cook, who is a better communicator, who is more intelligent, who is more knowledgeable, etc. almost anything can be means to competiveness.

Stop wanting to come out as a winner every time. Give your partner a chance to shine as well. You should do your best to make your partner do their best. Support their talents and skills. Give them [productive advice on how they can improve instead of bogging them down. Remember, we live in a world that can accommodate more than just one winner. The size of the pie is big enough that you both can have a slice each, in fact more. Also note that a relationship is a team effort, if you want to go solo then you might as well quit and be in solitude.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 09/16/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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