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Compromises In Relationship

Compromises And Conciliations In Relationships Are Inevitable And Unavoidable In Any Kind Of Romantic Relationship

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Our lives are full of compromises and our romantic relationship is no different. We all have a big laundry list of items that we want in and from our relationship. The sad part is that longer your list, smaller will be your happiness. The smaller your list, the larger will be your happiness. When we want a lot out of our relationship, we have to compromise a lot as well. When we don’t want too much out of our relationship, there is very little compromise that we will have to make.

To put it in a different way, the compromises that we make in our relationship is directly proportional to what we want from it. That said, it is almost impossible to want nothing from our relationship. After all, we are in a relationship because we wanted something from it. It was not simply an act of kindness or generosity, rather a selfish reason to satiate our desires and needs.

Hence, no matter how harsh that sounds, that is the truth. We humans usually don’t do anything for free. There is always a trade-off, tangible or intangible. There are no free lunches in this world and there is nothing wrong in accepting that fact. And, if it indeed is free, we humans are taught not to appreciate it.

It is not as bad as it may sound. It is only natural to want something from our relationship. We humans are perpetually wanting animals. It is totally fine to have wants and desires in our relationship. What’s more important is to make sure that we make intelligent choices so that we don’t end up compromising so much as the meaning of our relationship itself seizes to exist.

So it’s very important to know what to compromise and to what extent. We should see if what we are getting in return holds a larger value than what we are willing to forgo. So be a good shopper. Make sure what you are paying has a good value for the money.

All relationships require compromises. These compromises should be from both sides. There should be equality and balance in the amount of compromises that each partner makes. When there is an imbalance, it can lead to bitterness and animosity. Both partners must make equal efforts to compromise for one another. Compromising means letting off your desires for the sake of your love.

It is true that no relationship can survive without any compromise. Compromises act as a compounding agent in making a relationship stronger. Compromising means surrendering or giving up something to gain something that seem to be more desirable. All relationships require some sort of compromises for it to work.

It is very important to talk about some of the basic and major things prior to entering a relationship. Most people just blindly and often unknowingly enter into a relationship and then realizing what the heck did they do and what the hell were they thinking. You guessed it right, these are the relationships that are almost like fairytales with a horror endings.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 08/24/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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