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Dead End Relationship

Dead End Relationship Is Like Approaching A Blockade Or Cul-de-sac Because It Has Reached A Dead End Without Any Clear Path Forward

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A romantic relationship can be the most beautiful thing in the world when everything in hunky-dory. Things sometime turn sour though. Many people stay in a relationship and not even realize that they are in a dead-end relationship. Some others know that they are in a dead-end relationship but are unable to get out of it. Either way, it is a messy situation. Recognizing that you are in a dead-end relationship is not always easy. Even if it is, it may need a little bit of more convincing because you may just be in denial. Sometimes, we fall in love and it is not easy to get go of it even if it’s a dead-end relationship. What the reasons may be, being in a dead-end relationship is not your fault but staying in one is.

In short, dead end relationship is a relationship that has no future. It almost feels like a relationship has reached a dead-end where one or both partners are not able to excite or satisfy each other and stay in a relationship. Dead-end relationships usually end up at some point when nothing remains in a relationship. If you feel you are in a dead-end relationship, it is better to end things amicably before it turns ugly. Dead-end relationship, as the name suggests, is dead but still somewhat alive and it is already ended but still exists. This is a very unpleasant situation, one should each end it totally or reform it if it’s possible. Status-quo should not be an option for dead-end relationships. Following are some signs that you are in a dead-end relationship and that you should get the hell out of it as soon as you can pull your act together.

One partner doesn’t remember anything about the other, including important dates, their likes, dislikes, preferences, and so on. If the other person doesn’t remember, or care to remember your stuff, maybe it’s time for you to forget that person too.

There is no path to a future together as a couple. If both people are going in two different direction while being in a relationship, they may very well call it quits and walk their own paths.

One partner takes no initiative to introduce the other to their close friends and family. If your mate is not making any effort to take you to hang out with their family, chances are they are not serious about you.

It is always one person who is making all the efforts to keep things going. If only one person is always making plans and trying to do together, it means there is lack of interest.

One partner hesitates in displaying some sort of affection is public. It only means that you partner is either embarrassed of you or doesn’t want anyone to know they are taken, both of which are warning signs.

There are more arguments and conflicts than happy or fun moments. Always getting into rough argument or getting into ugly conflicts over and over again means there is a basic compatibility problem.

The majority of free time is spent with others or in front of the television. If there is hardly any together time then it’s better to split and spend all your time in solitude because even though you are together in relationship, you are already separated by an invisible wall.

There is hardly any communication or talking. Having no conversation and always talking with gestures or texts means there is no interest in actually getting into a stimulating conversation.

What used to be an adorable habit has now become annoying. Things like snoring which once sounded like music your ears have now turned into a nightmare and almost all cute things now seem obnoxious.

There are different goals in life. A relationship means having common goals in life and if there are diverse goals where one wants a family with kids while the other dreams about globetrotting, there are serious problems.

Sex sucks or it is almost non-existent. Sex and intimacy has the power to bind two people emotionally together but it should be a concern if it seems more like a chore than bringing pleasure and passion.

There is no feeling of togetherness or belonging to each other. If you don’t miss or long to be with your partner towards the end of a long work day and wish you could just sleep in your cubicle, you are in a serious trouble.

Both or at least one person finds everyone else more attractive and appealing. You find even some of the ugliest people more attractive and that is a sure sign of completely losing any sort of attraction towards your partner.

Your relationship is more of a convenience than true love. People should have objects and things for convenience, not their romantic partner.

You keep waiting for a breakthrough in your relationship but it never happens. Nothing changes and things are always as bad as they used to be, in fact getting worse.

There is no respect, caring, trust, honesty, or faithfulness. These are some of the basic elements of any relationship without which even the meaning of being together in a relationship seizes to exist.

There is no mutuality or reciprocity is your relationship. There is no balance of or equality in your relationship and only one person is always sacrificing and doing things.
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June 29 ,2019

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