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Expectations In Relationship

Expectations And Anticipations In Relationships Are Natural And Normal In Any Kind Of Romantic Relationship

Expectations In Relationship

Expectations And Anticipations In Relationships Are Natural And Normal In Any Kind Of Romantic Relationship

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We all inherently have expectations from everything that we do or have in our lives. It is human nature to have expectations, especially when we are in a romantic relationship. There is absolutely nothing wrong in having expectations from your partner as long as they are realistic and reasonable. It is human nature to expect something in return from someone whom we love or whom we give love to.

Though having expectations in a relationship is understandable, having unrealistic or unreasonable expectations can lead to all sorts of problems in a relationship. In fact, it can even ruin your relationship. Having very high hopes from your partner is bound to let you down at some point. Somehow, our expectations from our partner originates from idealism. Our hopes and wishes come from our bent of mind and also from what we think would be perfect. Surprise, the real world is far from being perfect.

High expectations also come the culture that we grew up in. The bedtime stories that our mothers recited to put us off to sleep. The romantic novels that we read as part of your school syllabus. The fluffy movies that we saw by missing our classes. The plays that we saw in our school’s auditorium. All these things contribute towards forming a very high level of expectations when we enter a romantic relationship. Guess what, the world that we live is totally different from a fantasy.

Real world is full of real problems. A good relationship require fairness and equality. Romantic relationships are generally fragile. It is a delicate thread that binds two people together. If you pull that thread too heard, it can easily break the fabric that joins you together. It requires you to set expectations that are more in-tune with reality and not fiction.

Most couples set their expectations within the walls of their own minds without even communicating with each other. They magically think that their partner would read their minds and know exactly what they expect. But when those expectations are not met, it leads to remorse and sadness. You must realize the fact your partner can’t know what’s in your mind unless you communicate it to them. Your partner may understand you but they may not and will not every mood swing that you go through and what you expect.

Every partner has expectations from the other in a relationship. Some are able to meet those expectations and some fail. Almost no one can fulfill all our expectations. Even we ourselves can’t meet all the things that we expect from ourselves. We also can’t meet all the things that others expect from us. So it would be counterintuitive for us to expect that our partner would be capable of living up to our mark. When we ourselves fail in meeting those expectation, we shouldn’t expect that from someone else.

The best thing is to have expectations that are fair and justified. Also minimize your expectations so that there is very slight chance of being let down. When we expect too much but get too little, we get disappointment. So why not expect too little and get too much so that we can be happier together. So say goodbye to unrealistic expectations and say hello to having reality.

The easiest way to set realistic expectations in your relationship is by talking about them with your partner. Putting them on a piece of paper would be even better. Jot down what exactly you expect from each other. Sign it and no there is no need to notarize it as long as you both agree with it. It may sound like business, but it is better to be safe than sorry.
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June 29 ,2019

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