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Female Led Relationship

Relationships That Are Female Controlled And Dominated

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Female led relationships are relationships that are controlled by the female partner. Here, the female takes charge of most of the issues. This is definitely not the most conventional types of relationship. Its presence is little but it still has made a mark in our society.

Female led relationship can take different forms depending on the level of controlling behavior. The first level is where the female has low level of control. The second level is where the female has moderate level of control. The third level is where the female has substantial level of control. The fourth level is where the female has extreme level of control. Most female led relationship slowly progresses from one level to the next in incremental levels.

There are many reason why some men opt for female led relationship. Some of the most powerful men who are big businessman or politicians spend their entire day controlling a huge number of people. They get awfully bored and even tired of always calling the shots all the time. They feel more relaxed when someone else takes charge and take control of the situation.

Some men never grow up and they still look for a motherly figure to take care of them. This can be a result of childhood abuse as well as pampering. They may not have gotten the love that they always craved for from their mother that they now seek the same from their partner. They may also be overly pampered by their mother and now wish to continue the same with their partner. For such men, a female led relationship can be quite appealing.

There are other reasons why a female led lead relationship works better for some men. Some men just don’t want to take the responsibility of taking all the decisions. They would rather prefer that their partner does all of that for them. In such cases the woman is usually more dynamic and proactive at handling things. This works great for both partners.

Some men just enjoy the very thought of being the slave to their partner. They have some demented psychology of getting attention all the time. These men somehow feel more powerful when their partner takes the role of a caretaker instead of a romantic partner. It may sound a bit demeaning to the male gender but there are people like that. For such men, a female led relationship work perfectly.

In all fairness and with all due respect to all the men out there, the fact is that there are some men for whom a female led relationship works better. It’s hard to understand the psyche of such men but they do exist. In fact, a low level of female control may work great for many men. However, an extreme level of female control would straightaway amount of being kinky.

Female led relationships are rare but they still exist. In fact they are more prevalent now than ever before. It just depends on what both partners can offer to each other and what they expect from each other. The idea is not to stigmatize or ridicule any specific type of men or women. It’s worth mentioning that it is an off-beat and unconventional type of relationship but it’s all good as long as it works for the two people who are in it.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/24/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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