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In Denial Of Being In A Relationship

Stand Up And Own Up Instead Of Denying Or Refusing Being In A Relationship

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Many people who get into a new romantic relationship don’t quite realize that they have indeed entered the relationship zone. They stay in denial of not being in a relationship. This phase continues until someone brings them in tune with reality. At that point, they may get the biggest surprise of their life.

Staying in denial usually happens when two people start seeing each other. The dividing line between just seeing someone and being in a relationship is often foggy. It becomes fairly easy to cross that line without even realizing it. That’s why it’s important to do periodic reality check to see where things stand. Fortunately, there are some clear indications that may signal that one is in denial of being in a relationship.

A good indication of relationship denial is your friends and family. If you are hesitant in introducing your partner to your friends and family, it only means that you are subconsciously trying to avoid their reaction. When others see two people together, they can easily figure out if they are a couple. So the fact that you are avoiding taking your partner in public itself means you are trying to ignore the fact that you ate in a relationship.

Everyone who is in a relationship know that they are in one. They keep talking to themselves if their partner is what they truly want. If you find yourself with such thoughts, chances are that you are already in a relationship. All you need to do is put your thoughts together and accept things.

It is also possible that you have commitment phobia. Even though you know you are in a relationship, you are scared to own it and make it official. This happens with most people, especially the ones who have a hard time committing to someone. It may be time to either fulfil your unspoken pledge or back off.

In some cases, people have serious trust issues. They just can’t trust anyone and are always scared of being hurt. They unknowingly have their guard on at all times. Their fear prevents them from acknowledging the fact that they are already in a relationship and thereby they try to postpone things as much as they can.

Regardless, either way, one should wither have the guts to own that they are in a relationship or exit it. Sometimes, both partners are in denial of being in a relationship. However, at times, only one of the partners stays in denial. In this case, being in a relationship and not accepting it can be very unfair to the other person. Whatever the case may be, both partners should be fully aware of the fact that they are in a relationship.

A romantic relationship is one of the most beautiful things in the world. The same thing becomes many folds more fulfilling when both partners acknowledge what they have between them. Sometimes, people make the mistake of silently assuming or not assuming that they are in a relationship. While this may work for some couples, it is always a good idea to seal the envelope by saying the obvious. So if you are in a relationship, stand up and own it before you lose it.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/25/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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