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In Denial Of Relationship Problems

In Denial Of Relationship Problems Is Not Good As One Must Recognize Things And Resolve Issues Instead Of Denying Or Postponing Problems In Any Romantic Relationship

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A romantic relationship is such a favorable thing that many people continue living in it even when there are problems. They keep postponing all their relationship problems as much as they can. It is human nature to keep postponing all negative things as much as we can until the day comes when we no longer can do that. We keep denying the fact that our relationship has problems that must be addressed.

Our conscious and subconscious are often in conflict. Our subconscious has a greater effect on what our conscious recognizes. We keep refusing to accept the problems that exists in our relationship. Out heart says that everything is either alright or will soon be fine.

When we refuse to see and accept things that are quite apparent, we begin to deceive and delude ourselves. We mislead ourselves as we lie to ourselves by not acknowledging what’s going around us. This mindset may protect us by reducing our short term anxiety. However, staying delusional is not the solution in the long run.

Ignoring small relationship problems becomes far more dangerous. These problems work almost like a parasite. They keep spreading to every nook and corner before it destroys everything. That’s why it is important to kill them as soon as they find space or else they will keep on multiplying. Exterminating a few ants is far more easier than when they multiple into hundreds and thousands.

Many people form deep attachment to their partners. Their attachment becomes more important than the overall health of the relationship. The main focus becomes staying together instead of being happy. There can be a total disconnect between attachment and staying happy. But attachment only works well when it brings happiness along with it.

The first step in solving any problem is acknowledging that there is a problem. If you can’t even recognize and accept that there is a problem, it will be impossible to fix it. So accepting that there is a problem is the beginning of the solution, not the solution itself. Moreover, full acceptance from both partners is essential.

It is best to move away from denial of problems and towards owning them. If you suspect a problem, handle it immediately before it becomes too big. Go beyond your emotional blocks of denial and see the facts. Conduct periodic reality checks. Just like your vehicle needs preventive maintenance, so does your relationship. Not catching a small problem in the engine can later lead to a big maintenance bill. The same principle applies to your relationship as well.

The solution is really very simple. Just keep your eyes open and never ignore any problem. Do not follow the misleading path shown by your heart, instead see what’s happening in front of your eyes. Most of us at some point fall in feelings of denial, especially when it comes to our love and romantic life. Our heart is built in a way that it keeps us away from anything that is even remotely negative. Although you should follow your heart in most things when it comes to love, this time you need to go against your heart and handle all your relationship problems head-on without any denial or postponement.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 08/21/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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