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Insecurities In Relationship

Insecurities And Uncertainties In Relationship

A romantic relation is supposed to provide a secured environment for both partners. It should not induce or increase insecurities in the minds of either partner. Most insecurities in a relationship have a direct correlation with one’s own issues. Many promising or potential relationships end because of insecurities. These insecurities are because of lack of confidence feeling worthless. Insecurities are nothing but uncertainties in a relationship. Uncertainties are doubts, worries, qualms, fears, and reservations that surrounds a person’s thought process. When nothing seems certain and everything appears doubtful, it leads to an uncertain situation where the outcome is totally unknown. Being insecure in a relationship is the biggest uncertainty in a relationship. It is necessary to build trust and faith in a relationship in order to avoid any types of uncertainties. Uncertainties basically stems from the fear of separation or breakups.

There are two main reasons for feeling insecure in a relationship. First is if someone is actually treating you badly or cheating on you. This is a legitimate reason to feel insecure and you have every right to stand up for yourself. Second is if it is all in your mind and there are no actual traces. This is where the irrational insecurities begin to crop up and damage an otherwise healthy relationship.

Most insecurities are built silently. People start assuming things and reading minds in way that is different from the reality. They end up misinterpreting the other person and still think they are right. There is a lot of guessing and cooking up stories in your mind without any real reason. Stop playing the role of a devil’s advocate and stop being a psychic because the reality could be something totally different.

A series of failed relationships make your insecurities even worse. We keep looking for our ideal relationship. With each failure, your insecurities increase. You forget to realize that you are failing because of your own insecurities. You feel you are the victim when you may be the culprit. You may be looking for too much perfection or idealism in your relationship. It’s important to realize that no one is perfect, including you. It may be time to come more in tune with reality.

Many people unknowingly connect their current events with their past experiences which gives rise to insecurities. Just because your previous partner was abusive or cheating on you, doesn’t mean you should start doubting your current partner without any real reason. Your past experiences should make your vigilant, not more insecure. Stop connecting or comparing your present with your past relationships. Give your relationship a fair chance and give it the benefit of doubt.

A lot of problems are just in your mind which in turn leads to insecurities in your relationship. Inventing or reinventing fake problems in your mind and then somehow thinking that they are real will take you to the path of destruction. Stop hallucinating in the worst possible way and end the negative thoughts. The vision that you have created in your mind is imaginary. Learn to differentiate between negative thoughts and what’s actually happening in your life.

Transform your energies from negativity to positivity if you want to eliminate insecurities in your relationship. Focus on what is actually happening in your life. Look at reality and stop living in an illusionary world that you have created for yourself. If you facing real problem in your life, face them head on. Just stop cooking things in your mind that has no connection with reality.

Start living in reality and do a fact check. Tell yourself that it is all in your mind. Transform yourself from being a pessimist to an optimist. Focus at all the good things in your partner. It is natural to have occasional flaws. That’s what makes us the person we are. No one is flawless, including you. It’s time you start appreciating your partner and give them all your love and affection or else your insecurities may come in your way and damage your awesome relationship.
Date Posted/Updated On: 11/21/2018
Author: ispace1

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