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Its Complicated Pseudo Relationship

Its Complicated Pseudo Or Partial Or Semi Or Half Or Hybrid Relationship Is A Totally New Type Of Romantic Relationship In The Modern World

Its Complicated Pseudo Relationship

Its Complicated Pseudo Or Partial Or Semi Or Half Or Hybrid Relationship Is A Totally New Type Of Romantic Relationship In The Modern World

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It’s complicated relationship is one of the finest invention of this century. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the most flawed terminology when it comes to love and romantic relationships. It just doesn’t work and there are too many reasons behind that. It’s not even a real life relationship status and in fact it’s just a way of faking a relationship. Almost any relationship can be tagged as complicated. Relationships can never be totally black and white. There will always be shades of grey. Moreover, what we may perceive as being clearly defined may otherwise be quite blurry. Human relationships can never be defined in binary units and we don’t even have an inbuilt on and off commands or buttons.

There are no set rules for its complicated relationships. There is really no exclusivity and the lines are quite blurry. It’s easy to cross back forth of the line. So there is no clarity on commitment and everything is pretty much wishy-washy with no official tag.

There is no stability of it’s complicated relationship in the long haul. There is no support system where partners can depend on each other and there is or no trust factor either. Of course, there are no promises or commitment whatsoever and you are free to dump or get dumped at a moment’s notice without any further explanations.

There is a high likelihood of getting hurt in it’s complicated relationship. Although both partners may have mutually decided to call it an unofficial relationship, emotions can sometimes run deeper than ever imagined. Things can quickly become messy when one of the partners get emotionally attached. All this leads to feelings of getting hurt.

There is absolutely no clarity about expectations in it’s complicated relationship. Even when there is no moral commitment, people tend to start expecting. In fact, there is a big confusion about what to and what not to expect. This is just one of the unspoken dilemmas in such kind of set up besides many other flaws.

There is a total public relations chaos in its complicated relationship. No one including close friends and family knows what’s going on. Some may label it as special or close friends. But almost no one is clear about the actual relationship status. This can sure raise some eyebrows and is food for suspicion.

There is almost a natural death of its complicated relationship. Things eventually and inevitable come to an ugly end. There is a constant pull and push which makes it very stressful. All this just because of lack of clarity. If you want to have it casual then there is nothing wrong with that but don’t call it complicated just because you are not brave enough to call it for what it is. Have the courage to take account of your actual relationship status and call it just that, even if it’s a casual affair or just a short hookup type of relationship that ends with the hangover.

This sort of partial or semi or half or hybrid or pseudo relationship may be forbidding you from having a real meaningful relationship. Moreover, not being fully accepted by someone may lead to all sorts of emotional turmoil. There can be feelings of resentment. There may also be lack of self-esteem and self-worth in your own eyes. In such cases, even sex gets stale because of lack of real feelings. It almost feels like the hangover is over and you are once again alone all by yourself. This is why it’s complicated relationships are the worst thing to get into. What may have become a fashion statement is nothing but a bogus or a fake relationship.
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June 29 ,2019

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