Its Complicated Relationship Status

It’s Complicated Relationship Status Is A Situation When Nothing Is Clear And Everything Is Confusing In A Relationship

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of It’s Complicated Relationship Status:

It’s complicated is a brand new relationship status. Thanks to the social media age, we have a unique relationship status that never even existed before. Its meaning is still very oblivious and somewhat convoluted. Everyone who is confused or not clear makes full use of this new jargon. Either you are in a relationship, or you are not. It’s oblique, twisted, mysterious, shadowy, and confusing as well as complicated. It’s like one is saying they are in a relationship but still not in a relationship. It’s like wanting to get the best of both worlds and in the end, getting neither one of them. The outcome is unknown, that is, if there ever will be an outcome. When the result is unknown or even undecided due to a lack of a clear picture, it becomes complicated. Life of such relationships is usually short as the future is unknown; in fact, even the present is unknown as well as undefined.

It’s Complicated Relationship Has No Clear Rules:

There are no clear-cut definitions of i’s complicated relationship status. No one knows what it means. One is pretty much free to interpret the way one wants. Technically speaking, it means it’s a complicated or problematic relationship. But that’s not where it’s intended to stop. People take the liberty of using this term as loosely as it suits them.

It’s Complicated Relationship Is Inherently Actually Complicated:

Everything about its complicated relationship is complicated. In fact, the term itself is complex. Whatever the case may be, both partners must mutually agree on it. It’s very unfair for one partner to call their relationship complicated when the other is fully committed to it. Not to mention, it can be highly insulting to the other devoted partner.

It’s Complicated Relationship Is Already Complicated:

Every romantic relationship in itself is complicated. So by that logic, every relationship should be categorized as it’s complicated. Then we really won’t have any real connection. That’s precisely what this new term is doing to many relationships. But it’s important to note that here we are talking about the status of a connection and not the relationship itself.

It’s Complicated Relationship Is A Confused Form Of Relationship:

Whenever anyone is confused or is not ready to admit they are in a relationship, they have the easy way of calling its complicated. This has two benefits. One that the person is kind of in a relationship. The other that the person is not really in a real relationship. This pretty much makes a person not really single but yet unattached.

It’s Complicated Relationship Is Not A Real Relationship:

The two people are in a relationship and still not in a relationship. For some people, it could mean the best of both worlds. While for others, it could be a total nightmare. Being in its complicated relationship also leaves all other options open.

Its Complicated Is A Temporary Relationship Status:

Another important thing is that its complicated relationship is intended to be a temporary status. People should make use of it responsibly and not abuse it. It’s fine to select this option if one is having a turbulent phase or needs some time to see where things are heading. But just using it to get away from the responsibility of being in a relationship should always be avoided. The main problem is that very few people know what it means as its use is not well defined.

Remove The Complications From It’s Complicated Relationship:

If you are in it’s complicated relationship status, the best advice is to remove the word complicated from your situation, or you won’t even be in a relationship for too long. Its complicated relations ions are not yet defined and don’t even qualify to be a real relationship. It’s a relationship that is in limbo. If you are in a casual non-committed relationship, then have the guts to say so. Stop fooling yourself and the people around you. The sooner you can un-complicate your relationship, the better.
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November 11 ,2022
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