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Long Distance Relationship

Long Distance Relationship Is Between Two People Who Are Geographically Far Away From Each Other

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Long distance love is love between two people who are geographically far away from each other. In today’s world there are no geographical limits. The world has become a smaller place. Technological advancements is the one to be blamed, or shall we say appreciated for this change. So due to advancement of technology long distance love is becoming more common these days.

This gives us umpteen opportunities and chances to meet someone across country or across the world. Most single people these days make the first connection online or over a smart phone app. Many other meet on vacation, business travel, conferences, or other events. All these things lead to one paramount problem, which is the long distance between their love connection.

It becomes very challenging to sustain such a relationship sitting in two different corners of the country or the world. New relationships need nurturing and it’s often difficult to have successful relationship. The distance problems adds a brand new dimension, or variable, to the whole equation. Long distance love has lower probability of working out unless that long distance can somehow be shortened.

Long distance love may be difficult to pursue and it comes with its own pleasures and challenges. Since there is little or almost no physical contact in long distance love, it becomes much more fragile and unstable. Long distance love needs to be expressive to keep it going else there is a wide possibility that it will end soon. The two people should know each other's time schedule to be in touch with each other.

Long distance love relations depends on internet, video calling, chat apps, and social media to a large extent. Since they are not physical in nature, it requires a lot of visualizing and imaginations to pursue it. Sometimes people who are thousands of miles away from you seem to become your whole world. Long distance love creates a longing to be together.

Once you withstand long distance love, it is believed you can withstand any love as long distance love is the most difficult type of love. The two people cannot see or spend time with each other but they both trust and love each other wholeheartedly. People with long distance love keep track of each other on social networking sites. They keep each other updated as to their everyday life.

Long distance love though seems to be risky but it is most pleasurable as it gives one the space and room for good understanding. It requires lots of understanding and patience to be in long distance love as all the talks are expressive in nature. Also it is rightly said distance doesn't matter if the person is worth loving and caring for. Two people in long distance love are likeminded people who have their own life in a far off place and who miss each other and long to be with each other. Surviving a long distance love is more difficult than surviving a local love. It becomes necessary to send gifts and meet once in a while to pursue long distance love.

Long distance love requires lots of care and support from both people to keep it rocking. Long distance also has a positive side to it. Sometimes the long distance can reduce the distance between the hearts. True love is not dependent of the physical distance between two people. The distance between the two hearts matter more. Long distance love also give both people the freedom and independence to live their life the way they want and also get to know the other person better. Of course, for the long distance love to become more stable and real, the distance barrier has to be removed at some point. After all, you can’t have a long distance relationship for the rest of your life. Love can begin with long distance but two love birds must get physically united and make everything real.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 08/24/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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