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Monogamous Relationship

Monogamous Relationship Or Monogamy Or Serial Monogamy Or Exclusive Relationship Means One Romantic Partner At A Time

Monogamous Relationship

Monogamous Relationship Or Monogamy Or Serial Monogamy Or Exclusive Relationship Means One Romantic Partner At A Time

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Monogamous Relationship Or Monogamy Or Serial Monogamy Or Exclusive Relationship:

What Is Meaning And Definition Of Monogamy Or Monogamous Relationship Or Exclusive Relationship:

Monogamy is a form of singular or dyadic relationship or marriage, in which a person can have only one romantic or sexual partner during their lifetime or at any one time, which is also called serial monogamy. This form of relationship is considered to be the holiest and is widely accepted in all cultures and religions all over the world.

The Traditional Standard Of Monogamous Relationships:

Monogamous is perhaps the first type of relationships that people learn about while they are growing up watching their parents as it is the most conventional or traditional type of relationship. Most couples who enter into a traditional monogamous relationship or marriage do so because that is what they think is the right thing to do. However, things may change as they progress in their relationship. Monogamy or a monogamous relationship is all about having a traditional link in which love and affection, sex and intimacy, are shared only with one person during their entire lifetime. Such a relationship may or may not involve marriage.

The Normality Factor In Monogamous Relationships:

Our brains have been programmed to think of monogamy as the norm or the standard when it comes to a personal relationship, any deviations from it would be a sin or just wrong. So whenever we come across a non-monogamous relationship, we automatically think of it as something abnormal.

What Constitutes As Monogamous Relationship:

Most monogamous couples do not have a clear understanding of what monogamy means to them or even in general. For some, it could mean something as obscure as being faithful to each other. For some, it could also mean being emotionally disloyal to one another. Some believe that watching pornography is like cheating. Some think engaging in sexting or virtual sex should be considered infidelity. In other words, different people have somewhat of a different interpretation of what should be regarded as monogamous and what should not.

Setting Rules In Monogamous Relationship:

It is imperative that both partners openly and honestly agree about what monogamy means to them in terms of sexual and emotional intimacy, and how to best keep their relationship monogamous. Should anything change, both partners must get together again to talk about the changes.

Stating The Obvious In Monogamous Relationship:

All couples in monogamy should never assume anything when it comes to what monogamy means to each, never make the mistake of assuming what sexual exclusivity means. Just being married or being in a relationship does not necessarily constitute unsaid monogamy. Each partner may have a different meaning of what a relationship or marriage means to them. Once each partner has stated what monogamy means, they both must agree with each other to avoid any future conflicts.

Handling Jealousy In Enforced Monogamous Relationship:

Most couples in monogamous relationships are known to be extra possessive about their partner. In fact, some level of jealousy is normal and expected in monogamy, but it is essential to learn how to deal with them so that they don’t interfere in the relationship.

Allowing Consensual Or Ethical Non-Monogamy:

Some couples decide to allow certain non-monogamous emotional or sexual instances. Such arrangements usually occur when one partner is not able to satisfy their partner expectedly. Such things happen in a way that is acceptable to both parties. In some cases, partners prefer not to know or be told about any external sexual behaviors. They prefer to mind their own business and let their partner do whatever they want as long as they are still living as a couple. Whatever the case may be, it is essential to make rules and then do everything not to break them.

The New Normal In Monogamous Relationships:

The changing dynamics of monogamous relationships are closely related to the term, new routine. Things that were once considered inappropriate or the standard protocol has evolved and is still growing into something many of us could not envisage a few years ago. When it comes to exclusivity in personal relationships and acceptable sexual activities, there are many different schools of thoughts and perceptions about what is normal and should be fair. There are numerous types of sexual behaviors that are being executed as normal behavior but are rarely talked about in the open. Things like having friends with benefits and no string attached are becoming increasingly common in casual dating and relationships in general. More couples are taking longer before becoming exclusive, and they also opt in to live in relationships over getting married too fast. Such sexual activities have always prevailed for hundreds and thousands of years, but now they are becoming more widespread and carried out more open in the society as opposed to doing things behind closed doors. The new generating are quickly catching up with this trend. At one point in time, the concept of a couple bringing in another person for sexual activities was unimaginable, but now it is becoming more common. Such behavior is going to become even more relaxed, and it is not going away anywhere.
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November 16 ,2019

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