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Offensive Relationship

Offensive Or Aggressive Relationships Are Rude And Insulting Because They Negatively Affect A Persons Self Respect And Self Esteem

Offensive Relationship

Offensive Or Aggressive Relationships Are Rude And Insulting Because They Negatively Affect A Persons Self Respect And Self Esteem

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A romantic relationship is supposed to be peaceful and serene. It becomes an offensive relationship when there is a lot of aggressiveness and insults. There is nothing in the world that can be more damaging to your confidence than being in an offensive relationship. A healthy relationship calls for respect, not insults. Most people stays in offensive relationship without even realizing it because it comprises of very subtle occurrences of unhealthy remarks and actions that spreads through a long period of time. These offenses slowly gets accumulated and eventually becomes so big that it damages a person’s self-respect. A time comes when the victim begins to doubt themselves and lose all their confidence. Most partners indulge in offensive behavior just because that’s who they are. It’s part of their personality and it’s often hard to change a person’s personality. Both men and women are known to engage in offensive relationship in equal proportions.

Following are some signs of offensive relationship.

You are always ignored and disregarded. Your partner discards all of your opinions or suggestions as if they make no sense at all.

You are usually accused of being too emotional. Your partner often blames you for being too sensitive to feel bad for their reckless behavior.

You are often being corrected for your minuscule mistakes. Your partner leaves no chance to correct you whenever you make any error.

You are always made to feel you did something bad. Your partner is always right and you are always wrong no matter what.

You are reminded of your flaws. Your partner makes it a point to remind you of all your mistakes and shortcomings.

You are usually asked to accept the blame. Your partner expects you to take responsibility for their faults and will never offer an apology.

You are expected to be a follower. Your partner expects you to follow their orders and do everything according to their instructions.

You have no option to express your feelings. Your partner has no regards for your feelings and they want everything as per their whims or fancy.

You are made to feel grateful for what you have. Your partner makes you feel thankful for having them in your life and don’t hold any value for you being there for them.

You are made to feel as if you are useless. Your partner makes you feel like you are good for nothing and that you can never do anything good in life.

The first step in handling an abusive relationship is acknowledging its presence. If you see signs of offense in your relationship, right away stop the offenses and begin the curing process. One option is to talk to your partner and put forth your concerns and ask them stop the offenses or end your relationship. The best defense of an offensive behavior is defense and not further offense. Nobody should be required to go through offense in their relationship, no matter what the situation may be. Say no to offense immediately and regain confidence in your own self.
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June 29 ,2019

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