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Official Relationship

Official Or Formal Relationships Are Legitimate And Recognized

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When two people are seeing each other, it’s hard to know when they transition from just casually hanging out to an official relationship. The first phase of a relationship is filled with excitement, passion, and thrills. At the same time, it is also full of confusion, awkwardness, and uncomfortableness. Even the two people involved are in a somewhat of a bewilderment. They are still having second thoughts and not sure if they did the right thing. Next are some sure signs that it’s time you should call the thing that you have between the two of you official.

You both are sleeping together on a regular basis and enjoy every bit of it. You are not only having sex or making out, but you are actually sleeping together in the same bed for the entire night and doing so consistently.

You start using the word we instead of I or me when you talk about what you are doing or about your plans. You also use us when you talk about the future tense and about your future plans.

You give preference to spending time together and turn down all other offers from family and friends. You unknowingly say no to everyone else just so that you can an opportunity to spend as much time with each other as possible.

You introduce each other to others as boyfriend and girlfriend and you use words such as honey or sweetheart to address each other even in public. You are together openly and don’t hide it from any of your friends and don’t even shy away from holding hands or kissing in public.

You have met each other’s family at length and you have meals with each other’s family and also exchange gifts during the holidays. You also make your families meet each other formally at least once.

You have been seeing each other for six or more months and you still can’t keep your hands off of each other. You spend majority of your time texting each other and looking forward to being together.

You go together on most events such as shows and concerts. You also take each other when there is a family event or a special occasion such as a family wedding or parents anniversary.

You trust each other enough to share everything with each other without a second thought. You don’t pretend and be yourself where you don’t feel the need of wearing makeup, cleaning your room, or doing anything in order to make an impression.

We all go through phases when we begin to see someone. It is always a good idea to keep a regular check on where things are going, if anywhere. Not doing so may result in a waste of time, unless that is what your intentions are, just to pass your time. Make sure you take your relationship to the next level and move to exclusivity when the time is right. Don’t be afraid of commitment if things are moving in the right direction. Making you relationship official is just one step in the right direction towards a long-term relationship.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 06/19/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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Official Relationship
Official Or Formal Relationships Are Legitimate And Recognized
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