Physical Abuse Or Emotional Torture In Relationship

Physical Abuse Or Emotional Torture In Relationship Or Marriage Is Harassing And Hazardous With A Lot Of Humiliation And Hostility

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Physical Abuse Or Emotional Torture In A Relationship:

A romantic relationship or marriage is supposed to be an enjoyable experience that is filled with pleasure and happiness. It becomes quite the opposite when there are aggressiveness and insults in it. Nothing in the world can be more damaging or detrimental to your emotional well-being and confidence than being in an emotionally abusive relationship. A healthy relationship calls for respect, not insults. Emotional abuse can be much more sinister than even physical abuse. The worst is that in most cases, neither the abuser nor the victim is fully conscious of such abuse taking place in their relationship. The victim usually doesn’t realize the mistreatment and stays in denial until it becomes a big issue. Emotional abuse is like a slow poison that slowly erodes the self-worth of a person little by little every day that eventually leads to severe depression and trauma. Emotional abuse is a regular sequence of verbal offense, bullying, criticism, threats, and hostility. It also includes more indirect tactics, such as intimidation and belittling. Most abusers, in most cases, behave in such a way due to past events or their childhood where they were the victim. So now they want to turn the tables and take an act of revenge for what they went through earlier in their life. As per research, both men and women abuse each other at equal rates.

Abusive Relationships Are Rude And Insulting Because They Negatively Affect A Persons Self Respect And Self Esteem

Most people stay in an abusive relationship without even realizing it because it comprises of very subtle occurrences of unhealthy remarks and actions that spread over a long time. These abuses slowly get accumulated and eventually becomes so big that it damages a person’s self-respect. A time comes when the victim begins to doubt themselves and lose all their confidence. Most partners indulge in offensive behavior just because that’s who they are. It’s part of their personality, and it’s often hard to change a person’s character. Both men and women are known to engage in an offensive relationships in equal proportions.

Signs Of Physical Abuse Or Emotional Torture In Relationship

Following are some signs of physical abuse or emotional torture in a relationship.

You are being humiliated and ridiculed in public. Your partner leaves no opportunity to put you down and make fun of you.

You are being criticized in front of everyone. Your partner teases you can calls you names to make you feel bad about yourself.

You are being controlled in every respect. Your partner controls your every move and dictates your life’s do’s and don’ts.

You are being restricted to do most things. Your partner limits your moves, and you need to seek their permission to do anything.

You are being manipulated. Your partner plays mind games and traps you in doing what they want and makes it appears as if that’s what you wanted.

You are not being respected as a person. Your partner disrespects you and has no regard for whatever you do or say.

You have no control over the finances. Your partner is the only one who has access to the funds, and you need to beg them for every little thing.

You are belittled for everything. Your partner underestimates your capabilities and often crashes your accomplishments.

You are given dirty looks. Your partner gives you bad looks and uses his body language and gestures to make you feel bad.

You are regularly accused of wrongdoings. Your partner always blames you even when it was not your fault, and the onus is always on you.

You are always ignored and disregarded. Your partner discards all of your opinions or suggestions as if they make no sense at all.

You are usually accused of being too emotional. Your partner often blames you for being too sensitive to feel bad for their reckless behavior.

You are often being corrected for your minuscule mistakes. Your partner leaves no chance to correct you whenever you make any error.

You are always made to feel you did something terrible. Your partner is always right, and you are always wrong, no matter what.

You are reminded of your flaws. Your partner makes it a point to remind you of all your mistakes and shortcomings.

You are usually asked to accept the blame. Your partner expects you to take responsibility for their faults and will never offer an apology.

You are expected to be a follower. Your partner expects you to follow their orders and do everything according to their instructions.

You have no option to express your feelings. Your partner has no regard for your opinions, and they want everything as per their whims or fancy.

You are made to feel grateful for what you have. Your partner makes you feel thankful for having them in your life and don’t hold any value for you being there for them.

You are made to feel as if you are useless. Your partner makes you feel like you are suitable for nothing and that you can never do anything good in life.

There Are Ways To Come Out Of An Abusive Relationship:

The first step in dealing with an emotionally abusive relationship is acknowledging and recognizing its presence. If you see any signs of emotional abuse in your relationship, immediately stop the violence and start the healing process. One option is to talk to your partner and put forth your concerns and ask them to stop the abuses immediately. If not, the only option left is to end your relationship.

Put An End To Abusive Relationship:

The best defense of offensive behavior is defense and not further offense. Nobody should be required to go through abuse in their relationship, regardless of the circumstances. Say no to emotional abuse immediately and regain confidence in yourself. It can be done if one dares to stand up for themselves.
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November 11 ,2022
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