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Relationship And Commitment

Meaning And Definition Of Relationship And Commitment

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Relationship means a love and romantic relationship between two individuals, which blends two souls into one, joining two halves into one whole, via amalgamation of spiritual, emotional, mental, and physical bonding or connection between two people, and is based purely upon true love, affection, care, trust, respect, and jointly shared values, with common and mutual goals or objectives in life.

Relationship is one of the most desirable and fulfilling virtues of all.

Relationship leads to good sense of openness and communication as well as safety and security.

Relationship is when the final goals of both people is to strengthen the bond between themselves.

Relationship is when the ultimate objective is to stay together for long time as a couple with or without a wedlock.

Commitment is the foundation as well as the final outcome of being in a romantic relationship, when both partners decide to give their affiliation a meaningful status, agreeing to be loyal and honest with each other, pledging not to see other suitors or matches, bringing assurance, promising each other of unconditional love and support, and thereby legitimizing the validity of their relationship.

Commitment is an act of being in a relationship which is official and public.

Commitment is like giving oneself in a relationship wholeheartedly and making an official announcement of a relationship.

Commitment is like giving respect to a relationship by making it legitimate in the eyes of the society.

Commitment means to support each other in every way be it emotional or financial or social.

Commitment can be looked upon as relationship personified.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/26/2019
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