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Repairing A Relationship

Repairing Or Revamping A Fragmented Or Patchy Relationship

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There is nothing that is more capable of giving happiness and purpose to life than a romantic relationship. Still, it is also the greatest source of sadness and sorrow. The main reason is that we focus so much on forming the greatest relationship in the world that we forget and often ignore about how to keep it alive forever. Some of the best relationships are known to fall apart due to the same reason.

There are many reasons why relationships break. In fact, more than half of relationships end up in break ups. The best way is to take preventive measure so that things don’t go so bad. But, that is easier said than done. No matter how hard we try, stuff happens. Then comes the phase of repairing a broken relationship.

The first step in repairing a relationship is to sit down, stay calm and just listen to what your partner has to say. This is the time to just proactively listen and understand what the other side has to say. Make sure to show genuine compassion and willingness to sort out each issue. Do not react yet or say anything in your defense.

Next, make sure you make your partner feel that you actually care and understand what they are going through. You need to make your partner know that you are ready to do whatever it take to repair your relationship. So it’s important to feel the pain that the other person is going through. Be empathetic and see things from the other person’s point of view.

Next, take proactive action to resolve each line item. Go each point one by one and address each one of them. The other person must be fully satisfied with your resolutions. If not, ask for their input and ask what they actually want. All this is very necessary to repair a relationship.

Last but not the least, reassure your partner of love and affection in order to repair your relationship. In fact, that was what brought the two of you together in the first place. But, somewhere down the line that love and affection got lost. It’s important to reinstate those same intense feelings for one another. Rebuild the lost trust and forgive each other.

This was indeed why you ended up with relationship problems, because you didn’t follow the above mentioned things. We intuitively start taking things for granted. Time is a funny thing. It has the power to bring two people together while increasing the distance between them at the same time.

Always be aware that it takes two to tango. There is nothing that can’t be repaired if there is willingness from both sides. If there is true love, repairing a damaged relationship becomes so much easier. But if there is no true love then there is nothing to repair because then there is no relationship to begin with. Stay realistic and keep practical expectations. The road may be bumpy but it’s important to enjoy the beautiful ride of a romantic relationship with all the goods and bads that comes with it.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/22/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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