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Sacrifices In Relationship

Sacrifices Or Forgoes In Relationships Are Required And Necessary Without Which It Is Very Hard To Sustain Any Romantic Relationship

Sacrifices In Relationship

Sacrifices Or Forgoes In Relationships Are Required And Necessary Without Which It Is Very Hard To Sustain Any Romantic Relationship

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We all know that all relationships require sacrifice. We all different people and when two people come together to from a romantic relationship, there has to some sort of sacrifices that we have to make. The more important point is the degree or level of sacrifice. It is important to do a cost analysis of the sacrifices that we make in a relationship. We need to know how far to go and where to draw the line.

The first thing to realize is the nature of sacrifice. Of course, relationship is a two-way give and take street. We should know how much to give and where to put the brakes. In short, sacrifices are important and even healthy in relationships, but only when it’s done right.

Giving up small things that don’t have much of a meaning for you won’t count as a sacrifice and you should be willing to give those up for your relationship. For instance, if you are asked to give up having beans because your partner is allergic should be okay with you as long as you don’t think it has too much value for you. On the other side, giving up things that mean a lot to you would be considered a sacrifice. For instance, if you are asked to give up meat because your partner is a strict vegetarian would be a big deal, especially it means a lot for you.

It would depend on you what you consider to be a sacrifice and how far you are willing to go. When you give up something that has profound meaning and importance in your life, it would be a big sacrifice. A good way to determine when sacrificing in a relationship is by asking yourself if giving up that thing will make you less happier or if it will make your bond stronger. If it will reduce your happiness then it is something you need to think about. If you can happily do it without a hitch then that’s fine. Your sacrifice should a value for yourself and not just your partner, only then it would work.

It is a truth that all relationships call for making some sacrifices. Making sacrifices are in fact a positive sign in a relationship as long as the sacrifices are made from both sides. Mutuality is the name of the game. Sacrifices should be two-sided. It is a good thing when both people make sacrifices by giving up things to make each other happy. This leads to a happier life together.

Moreover, humans is a selfish specie. We feel good when we get something in return when we give. So a trade-off is always desirable. The mutuality in sacrifice must be necessarily equal. Both partners have different needs. So it’s important to adjust to each other’s preferences for a relationship to work. In other words, there should be a fair balance between the sacrifices that the two partners make for each other. When only one partner is sacrificing, then it leads to inequality and that’s not sacrifice.

There are somethings that you should never sacrifice in a relationship no matter how high the stakes are. You should never give up your self-respect, peace of mind, other important relationships, your dreams, your core beliefs, or your true feelings or happiness. These should be the deal breakers for you. It may sound like a trade deal but unfortunately that’s how it works. Some things are just not worth giving up. You should be clear about what you can give up and what you should give up without losing yourself. This is why it is best to negotiate these things prior to getting into a relationship so that you can save yourself from any future pains.

It is always a good idea to analyze if the amount of sacrifice that you are making for your relationship is equal to the happiness that you are deriving from it. You should know if what you are giving up is worth it or not. If you just give up things without getting anything in return, it will eventually results in resentment in your relationship. Hence, it is great to make sacrifices in a relationship as long as it can lead to an overall net happiness for you.
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June 29 ,2019

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