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Silent Treatment In Relationship

Silent Treatment Or Muting In A Relationship Can Be Extremely Unhealthy As It Can Ruin Any Kind Of Romantic Relationship

Silent Treatment In Relationship

Silent Treatment Or Muting In A Relationship Can Be Extremely Unhealthy As It Can Ruin Any Kind Of Romantic Relationship

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Every romantic relationship is full of conflicts and challenges. One of the most destructive ways of dealing with conflicts is by giving a silent treatment by turning on the mute button. Silent treatment is behavior known as the demand-withdrawal pattern. The silent treatment is one way of the withdrawal component in the demand-withdrawal pattern. When one partner demands for something and that something is not fulfilled, it leads to withdrawal or silent treatment.

It is an age old issue and is not new to relationship problems. It is cited as one of the major factors leading to serious relationship issues. Silent treatment in relationships is a direct result of less satisfaction and lower levels of intimacy. Of course, poor or almost lack of communication is the end result. It’s a very negative sign and this kind of pattern must be broken before it breaks the relationship itself.

The main cause of silent treatment is feeling of hurt and hesitation in talking about them. The person giving the silent treatment and the person receiving it are both equally responsible for such a situation. Both in some way are the victim as well as the culprit. Victim because they are the ones who has to go through it and culprit because they are the ones who collectively started it. Women are more likely to be the demanders while men tend to withdraw more.

One thing not to do is start the blame game as that won’t resolve the conflict. The silent treatment gets worse when the person receiving it gets more frustrated due to a lack of response from the other side. This frustration often leads to even more demands. The higher demands leads to more withdrawal. So it becomes like a self-devastating vicious cycle. What started as something small has now become a dynamite. The final result is usually arguing about the silent treatment instead of dealing with the issues at hand.

Exercising silent treatment is detrimental to a relationship. It increases the emotional stress and tension between a couple. Most couples practice silent treatment because of some psychological issues. They are more likely to have a history of anxiety or depression. Substance abuse may also be one of the factors.

The only solution towards reaching a resolution is to first break the spiraling cycle. Next, open the channels of communication. Both partners play some role in giving silent treatment. It may be helpful to agree to disagree on certain issues. It’s important to talk with a cool, calm, and collective mind.

It is also important to acknowledge the part that each partner played in the silent treatment. Understand that remaining silent can never be the solution to any problem. Things get resolved by talking and not by remaining silent. Both partners must be willing to listen. Avoid blaming each other, instead own your mistakes.

Realize that the only way to end the silent treatment is by breaking the silence. It is extremely important for couple to have open and clear communication. Never make the mistake of burying things deep inside your heart. Open your heart and pour out everything that’s inside it. After all, you are in a relationship to lead a more intimate life with your partner and not to create a wedge or an invisible wall in between. So break all the walls and build a bridge straight from your heart to your partner’s. If you keep the roads of this bridge unclogged, you would never even have to deal with silent treatment in your relationship.
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June 29 ,2019

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