Tips For Figuring Out Romantic Relationship

10 Tips For Figuring Out A Romantic Relationship So That You Can Know What You Want From It And Then Find Out How To Get Those Same Things

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We all want to get into a romantic relationship, but very few of us can figure out and know what we really want from it. Every person is unique, and every relationship is unique. So there is no one size that fits all kinds of techniques. It will be a lot easier to be in a fulfilling relationship if you know what you actually want out of it. All you have to do is some soul searching. Think about what you want and then see who can give you all or most of those things in a relationship.

Following is the full list of ten top most tips for figuring out a romantic relationship so that you can know what you want from it and then find out how to get those same things:

# Non Negotiables:
List a few things that are totally not acceptable to you in a relationship. Knowing what could potentially be a deal breaker will help you in filtering out a lot of prospective matches from your shortlist. It would be pointless to pursue a romantic interest in someone who possesses one of your non-negotiable qualities. Try to keep this list to a minimum or else you may end up disqualifying a lot of otherwise great people.

# Compromise Ables:
Think about all the things that you really don’t want in your mate but may be willing to compromise to a certain extent in certain situations. It is always a good idea to learn to compromise when you think about any kind of romantic relationship. Most romantic relationships are all about how much you can compromise to make things work. But be reasonable as you do not have to compromise to the extent that you become miserable with that person.

# Must Haves:
Think about all the qualities that your potential mate must have under any circumstance. This will also help you in filtering out a lot of people who don’t fall in that sphere. Keep this list also to be at a bare minimum or else you may become too picky. It is still good to know the qualities you can’t live without but try not to be too choosy as that also will disqualify a lot of good people.

# Preferred Qualities:
Also make a list of qualities that you prefer your potential mate to possess but are not too crazy about. This is also a part of how willing you are to compromise on the preferences of your ideal match. Keep in mind that a lot of qualities can be taught or inherited over a period of time. One may not have a particular trait but they may be willing to acquire it for being in a relationship with someone they genuinely love.

# Look Back:
Take a quick peek at your past relationships to see if there is any patterns or routine that made them unsuccessful. It would be a good idea to learn from your past relationships. Try not to repeat the same mistakes ever again. Making a mistake once is fine but making it repeatedly is called insanity.

# Look Around:
Take a look at other relationships around you to see if there are any lessons to learn from them. Sometimes just observing other relationships can be an eye-opening experience. So learn from any unfavorable events you see happening around you. Try not to fall into the same situation and avoid such people.

# Examine Needs:
You need to see what exactly you need in a relationship before going out looking for someone. If you are already happy with your life then look for gaps that can be filled to make your life even better. The idea should be to make your life better than it already is and not to make it worse. Then look for someone who can make you a happier person.

# Start Looking:
If you know what exactly you want in a relationship then it is time to look for someone that fits that bill. This task would be a lot easier for you because now you know precisely what you want in your lover. Earlier you were clueless about what you wanted but now you know precisely what you want. Use all mediums to do a full-blown search for your partner.

# Start Dating:
Make a short list of people and start casually dating them to get to know them better. Avoid any formal or serious dating in the beginning. Go out casually for a cup of coffee to see if you both are compatible and meet each other’s criteria of a potential soul mate. Be open with your feelings and tell the other person where exactly you both stand.

# Keep Going:
Keep going out with your shortlisted people to see who you find the most appealing. The chances are that you will like one of those people. But it is perfectly fine if you don’t get with any one of them. All you need to do is keep looking until you find the one you have been looking for all your life but hurry up and don’t spend all your life just looking for that person.
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November 11 ,2022
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