Types And Kinds Of Relationship And Commitment

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Types And Kinds Of Relationship:

Relationship Cycle:

Relationship cycle means or is defined as the full lifecycle of how two people first meet each other, then fall in love, then decide to get into a relationship, then start hating each other, then decide to break up, and then again perhaps start all over again. Such an experience can be mentally draining if it is repeated several times, with the same or different people.

Relationship Quickie:

Relationship quickie means or is defined as a short relationship between two people that does not last for a very long time. They get into a relationship for a very short period and then quickly end it once they realize that things are not working out as they had envisioned.

Relationship Virgin:

Relationship virgin means or is defined as a person who has never been in any kind of romantic relationship. They have never had an experience of having a boyfriend or a girlfriend or anyone even close to that because either they never met the right person to get into a real relationship or there could be many other reasons.

Relationship Amnesia:

Relationship amnesia means or is defined as forgetting that you are in a relationship and living the life of a single person. This can happen knowingly, or it could also be a medical condition if a person has memory loss.

Relationship Obstacles:

Relationship obstacles means or is defined as problems or issues that a couple has to go through. Such constraints can comprise of things such as dealing with a previous partner or getting over emotional issues.

Relationship Closet:

Relationship closet means or is defined as that two people are in a romantic relationship, but do not want anyone to come to know about it. It is a type of love affair that is a secret between the two people involved, who wants to keep their relationship a private affair.

Relationship Chameleon:

Relationship chameleon means or is defined as a person who changes their likes and dislikes, interests and hobbies, just so that they can be more compatible with their current or potential partner. They try to adjust and accommodate their partner to the best of their capabilities.

Relationship Limbo:

Relationship limbo means or is defined as a relationship where two people are technically neither involved nor not involved. They are in a kind of a limbo, where they are not clear about their relationship status or even if they are in a relationship.

Relationship Weight:

Relationship weight means or is defined as the weight gain from being in a desirable relationship with someone. This may also mean that the relationship is taking a toll on their personal health.

Relationship Sabotage:

Relationship sabotage means or is defined as when someone messes up in a loving relationship that is otherwise going very smoothly. An outside person makes a couple’s life a living hell and makes things totally miserable for them for their gain.

Relationship Suicide:

Relationship suicide means or is defined as doing something that can potentially end a loving relationship with someone. These are things that a person does know the fact that it can kill their relationship, but they still end up doing them due to particular circumstances.

Relationship Points:

Relationship points means or is defined as bonus points that you earn each time you do something out of the ordinary for your partner. It is a way to show your partner that you care, and you can redeem these points anytime you want by asking your partner to return the favor by asking them to do something that they won’t do otherwise.

Relationship Syndrome:

Relationship syndrome means or is defined as a syndrome found in people who don’t like to be alone, or away from their partner. They wish to be with their partner all the time, and when they are not, they usually start feeling agitated or uncomfortable.

Relationship Security:

Relationship security means or is defined as a safety net that all people in a relationship seek so that they can feel more secure without the fear of getting dumped. Such a condition can become a cause for concern in some cases when one of the partners feels overly insecure or inferior to the other.

Relationship Goals:

Relationship goals means or is defined as goals or benchmarks that power couples set in their relationship to make it more successful. It makes their relationship rock solid and often the envy of everyone else around them.

Relationship Break:

A relationship break means or is defined as what couples need, whether it’s to sort out problems and differences and spend time apart or because the relationship is becoming too stressful for both partners. Being on a relationship break for a short time doesn’t mean it’s a breakup, it just means that you are spending them apart for your own reasons in the hope to benefit the relationship and cause less stress.

Relationship Vacation:

Relationship vacation means or is defined as being passive or taking a break from being in a relationship to sort out their thoughts. It gives them some time alone to get their act together and be more ready to be in an active relationship.

Relationship Upgrade:

Relationship upgrade means or is defined as taking a relationship one level up. It could mean upgrading dating casually to dating exclusively, or from friends to more than friends, from being serious to live-in, or from relationship to marriage.

Relationship Maturity:

Relationship maturity means or is defined as a stage in life when a person is mature to have a meaningful relationship. Oftentimes, it takes some people longer than others to get matured, but women tend to get matured faster than men.

Relationship Hopper:

Relationship hopper means or is defined as a person who hops or jumps from one relationship to another. Such people often enjoy the level of commitment and security that comes with being in a relationship, but they get bored very fast or find someone who is more interesting.

Relationship Lag:

Relationship lag means or is defined as a brief period when a person ends one relationship and starts another one. This period can last a very short time, or it can be a very long time, depending on how quickly one can get into a new relationship when the old one dissolves.

Relationship Spammer:

Relationship spammer means or is defined as a person who hits on almost anyone that comes their way. They tend to follow the same pattern and use the same lines to impress people to get into a relationship without any serious intentions.

Relationship Minus:

Relationship minus means or is defined as where two people really like each other a lot and also want to be with each other a lot. Despite the strong connection, they don’t physically come close to each other more than a handshake or a quick hug in exceptional circumstances.

Relationship Turtle:

Relationship turtle means or is defined as an extended period during which a person does not have a desire to be in a relationship. They remain like a turtle inside their shell or trapped inside their closet.

Relationship Test:

Relationship test means or is defined as a special task or a condition that you can put forth to your partner to evaluate if they would pass that test. Such tests can expose the real character of a person before entering a committed relationship.

Relationship Counseling:

Relationship counseling or relationship therapy means or is defined as a process of getting advice from a professional who is trained to solve or improve interpersonal issues between couples who are having problems in their romantic relationship. This is a measure that most couples take after they face relationship problems or issues but before separating.

Relationship Detox:

Relationship detox means or is defined as abstaining from being in a romantic relationship for a set period. The idea is to free the mind from being in a relationship so that one can realize what they may be genuinely looking for and how to go about it.

Relationship Drama:

Relationship drama means or is defined as the drama that comes along with being in a relationship with someone. It may include going through all the sensitive issues of being in a relationship and also all the trouble that comes with it.

Relationship Stages:

Relationship stages means or is defined as stages that two people go through, right from the first time they met to start dating to becoming exclusive to getting into a formal relationship. Of course, things can go wrong at any stage for any reason or no reason at all.

Relationship Probation:

Relationship probation means or is defined as that one has messed up a few of their previous relationships so bad that everyone thinks that they should take a break from getting into another relationship for a while. This period is meant for self-realization and thinking of ways to improve the next relationship.

Relationship Anniversary:

Relationship anniversary means or is defined as a yearly celebration on the day on which two people met or entered into a committed relationship. It comes once every year and is often celebrated with a lot of joy and happiness as it marks one more year of being in a fulfilling relationship.

Relationship Milestones:

Relationship milestones means or is defined as events or happenings that may be big or small but lead the relationship in a new direction. They mark the first time something happens, which makes the relationship a little bit more intimate.

Relationship Deal Breakers:

Relationship deal breakers means or is defined as a certain expectation that must be met and that one of the partners cannot live without. These are the absolute must-haves or must not have for a relationship between two people to stay intact.

Relationship Time Out:

Relationship time out means or is defined as a time out that is needed to cool off things while a couple has a heated argument. It usually lasts only for a short time until both people have cooled down and forgotten about the unpleasant event.

Intimate Relationship:

Intimate relationship means or is defined as a kind of interpersonal relationship that involves physical or emotional intimacy, and it plays a vital role in the overall experience of being in a pleasurable relationship. Intimate relationships are mostly sexual relationships, but they may also be used to describe a non-sexual relationship with platonic friends or family as we all have a profound desire to belong and to love someone in an intimate relationship.

Interpersonal Relationship:

Interpersonal relationship means or is defined as any kind of relationship, it can be platonic, intimate, romantic, committed, short term, or long term. In short, it is a broad terminology that is often used to describe any kind of relationship between two or more people.

Steady Relationship:

Steady relationship means or is defined as a romantic relationship that continues for an extended period and is rock solid. A steady relationship that goes on for a very long time becomes a long-term relationship.

Sexual Relationship:

Sexual relationship means or is defined as when two people have a purely sex-based relationship without any emotional bonding or the ability to be a good companion or friend to each other. The main focus of such relationships is sex which also fades away with time.

Flirting Relationship:

Flirting relationship means or is defined as one in which the primary focus is to playfully flirt with each other, without any commitments or seriousness on either side. It can be something that is more than a platonic friendship but less than a romantic relationship, and such a flirtatious relationship usually turns into a romantic relationship.

Immature Relationship:

Immature love means or is defined as love that is not matured and will not last for a very long time. This can be just a brief infatuation or obsession for someone that lasts for a short time and dies out on its own.

Tough Relationship:

Tough love means or is defined as a problematic kind of love, making it hard to be in a relationship with someone who has a lot of personality problems. It is possible only when the desire for someone far exceeds all the faults in that person.

Trying Out Relationship:

Trying out relationship means or is defined as a semi-exclusive relationship where two people are just trying out things to see where things lead. In fact, most relationships start off this way and later develop into something more serious. It consists of two people who may be looking for something serious, but are not quite ready to take the plunge yet. They are generally looking for some fun and perhaps someone to connect with, and then see how things shape up.

Bonding In Romantic Relationships:

Human bonding means or is defined as a process of developing an interpersonal relationship between two people, and it has to be mutual as well as an interactive process as it is much deeper than just having a feeling of love. Bonding typically involves attachment between romantic partners, and it is often the result of spending time together to form a natural bond with one another.


Soulmate means or is defined as a person for whom someone has a profound feeling of heart-to-heart or soul-to-soul connection. Such a feeling may involve love, romance, affection, chemistry, compatibility, intimacy, spirituality, and sexuality, in a serious kind of relationship.


Boyfriend means or is defined as a male friend or companion of a woman with whom she is romantically or sexually involved. It is most commonly used in committed romantic relationships where the boyfriend is a potential husband, whereas a husband or a partner is more widely used in marriages.


Girlfriend means or is defined as a female friend or companion of a man with whom he is romantically or sexually involved. It is most commonly used in committed romantic relationships where the girlfriend is a potential wife, whereas a wife or a partner is more widely used in marriages.

Relationship Relationship:

Relationship relationship means or is defined as a situation when both partners are madly and deeply into each other. They are not able to function without each other and wish to do everything together, and it is almost like two bodies in one soul.

Types And Kinds Of Commitment:


Commitment-ship means or is defined as the act of being in a relationship with commitment. This is the best form and most traditional form of making a romantic relationship successful and everlasting.

Committed Relationship:

Committed relationship means or is defined as a kind of interpersonal relationship formed based on a mutually agreed commitment for one another, involving love, affection, trust, honesty, and other behaviors. The most common forms of committed relationships include long-term relationships, engagement, marriage, and civil unions.
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