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Unofficial Relationship

Unofficial Or Informal Relationships Are Illegitimate And Unrecognized Because They Are Not Known To The Entire World

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Unofficial relationship is one that is not formal or approved or officially known to everyone. Every relationship starts as being unofficial in the beginning until both partners decide to announce it officially to let everyone know that they are in a steady relationship. Some couples continues to carry out their relationship in the shadows without anyone else knowing about it. There can be several reasons for carrying out an official relationship such as it could be due to the conservative nature of the society that doesn’t allow relationships other than marriage or it could also be due to some unavoidable circumstances. An unofficial relationship can also be called at non-legitimized relationship. It could be that both partners love each other and enjoy being together but don’t wish to call it a relationship because they want to be committed with each other. There may be many reason that two people want to hide their relationship from the public eye.

The two people may be seeing each other and no one else but still officially not in a relationship. Both people are together, but for some strange reason they have chosen not to put a label on it yet. The only two people who can define a relationship are the two individuals themselves, and if they say it’s not a relationship then who are to question them about it. The main problem lies in the fact that most people worry too much about defining a relationship.
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June 29 ,2019

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