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Worries In Relationship

Worries And Suspicions In Relationship

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A romantic relationship is supposed to create a healthy environment where both partners can grow and lead a happy life. All this happiness comes to an end when there is a constant worry. It’s a fear of the unknown which usually doesn’t even exist. This fear or worry makes a negative impact in a relationship because it’s all in the mind, nothing in real.

The worst problem that worry creates is that creates problems that don’t even exist. It’s a natural phenomenon. When you are anxious, you begin to worry when there is no reason to worry. It’s almost like you are a passenger in a vehicle and you get stressed of running into an accident just because you think you may get into a crash. Point is that anxiety creates unnecessary problems in relationships.

It is important to separate your imagination with reality. Most of the time, our imagination scares us of negative outcomes. We constantly worry what if this happens or what if that were to happen. Let that thing happen first, then deal with it instead of creating that thing in your mind. Next time you have a negative thought, dismiss it before it makes a place in your mind. Open your eyes and live in the real world.

Most people seek constant reassurances from their partners. They feel everything is uncertain and start worrying about everything. They always look at the worst case scenario. All this increases anxiety which in turn transforms into nagging their partner. Stop doing that and start reassuring yourself that everything is fine. If you dint do that then nothing will be fine because you would have created a real problem out of an imaginary problem that has no standing in real life.

Learn to believe that nothing is guaranteed in life. Nothing is certain and everything in life is uncertain, including you. We live in a far less than perfect world. Stuff happens and we should deal with stuff when it happens and not create it because of our own fears. Self-assurance is the key here. Believe in destiny and have faith in your relationship. Even a plant needs some space around it for it to grow. Stop being demanding and give space to your partner.

Ultimately you have to give peace to your mind. If you don’t do that, you will quickly fill your relationship with problems don’t exist. Before a doubt comes to your mind, think if there is any real evidence. Make your mind as a courtroom and think if you can win that argument with the judge. You will quickly realize that it is about the worries and fears in your mind. The simple formula is if you can’t win your argument by presenting real facts, then what you are thinking is totally baseless.

Start thinking at things from the viewpoint of an outsider. See your life as a movie and play the whole sequence in your mind that is bothering. Give it an unbiased look and see if you see any problem. Chances are that you won’t. You will see that nothing is wrong, it’s just your worries that is getting the better of you.

If you are suffering from anxious thoughts that are worrying you, just close your eyes and meditate. Give peace to your mind and to your negative thoughts. Focus your energies on all the good things in your life. Quarantine all negative thoughts. Give your mind a new life. Give your relationship a new life where there are worries and no fears.
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Date Posted/Updated On: 05/22/2019
Author: Raja Surya, ispace1

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