Gender Nonconforming Or Gender Variant Meaning Definition

“Gender Nonconforming” is also sometimes referred to as or “GNC” as an acronym, or “Gender Variant” as a synonym, or “Gender-Nonconforming” with a hyphen, or “Gender Nonconforming” with a space, as some other forms

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Gender Nonconforming / Gender Variant:

The term “gender nonconforming” is derived from “gender,” which means “related to gender,” and “nonconforming,” which means “not conforming,” hence, “gender-nonconforming” literally means “someone who does not conform to either male or female genders.”

The term “GNC” or “gender nonconforming” is used to describe a person who, either by nature or by choice, does not conform to gender-based expectations of society or culture, one who expresses gender outside traditional norms associated with masculinity or femininity.

Gender Non-Conforming is a gender identity label that indicates a person who identifies themselves as outside of the gender binary. It is a gender descriptor that indicates a non-traditional gender expression or identity, such as "masculine woman.”

Gender Non-Conforming is a term used to refer to people who do not conform to the stereotypical or social expectations of their gender or the sex assigned at birth. Their gender expression is always different from their actual gender.

Gender Non-Conforming is a label that can be used for all cisgender, transgender, or non-binary people, and the only requirement is that a person's gender expression is different from their birth gender. Some people use this label under the trans umbrella term and as a part of the trans community, and yet some people prefer to be considered cis.

Gender Non-Conforming is an umbrella term used for many labels related to non-conforming gender expectations such as tomboy (or masculine female), sissy (or feminine male), butch (or masculine lesbian), femme (or feminine lesbian). Gender Non-Conforming is often the option of choice for people who do not wish to identify within the gender binary, gender fluid, and androgynous individuals.

The term “gender variant” is used to describe someone who either by nature or by choice, does not conform to the expected characteristics of the assigned gender at birth or gender-based expectations of society. People who exhibit gender variance may be called gender variant, gender non-conforming, gender atypical, or gender diverse, and maybe transgender, or otherwise variant in their gender expression, though some intersex people may also exhibit gender variance.
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November 15 ,2020
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