Intersectional Intersectionality Meaning Definition

“Intersectional” is also sometimes referred to as “Intersectionality” as a synonym, or “Inter-Sectional” with a hyphen, or “Inter Sectional” with a space, as some other forms

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Intersectional / Intersectionality:

The term “Intersectional” is derived from “inter,” which means “overlap between things,” and “sectional,” which means “section of something,” hence, “intersectional” literally means “overlap of different sections such as race, ethnicity, etc.”

The term “intersectionality” is the understanding of how a person's identities overlap, which includes race, ethnicity, class, religion, status, sexual orientation, and disability status. It consists of all the things that can affect the way they experience oppression and discrimination in society.

Intersectionality is a theory that explains different facets of a person's social and political identities that may result in creating a unique way of discrimination as well as a privilege. Intersectionality pinpoints positives and negatives that are felt by people because of a combination of multiple factors.

For instance, a woman of color may face workplace discrimination not necessarily due to her race and not necessarily due to her gender, but perhaps because of a unique intersection or combination of the two factors.

Intersectional feminism has a goal that separates itself from white feminism by accepting women's varying experiences and identities.

Intersectionality is a vehicle that recognizes how interlocking systems of power affect people who are most marginalized in society and takes those factors into account while promoting equality.

Intersectionality opposes systems that look at each oppressive factor in isolation, instead, it treats multiple factors in combination.

Intersectionality somewhat seems as being not very clear as it can be looked upon as unorganized main because the main focus is often on subjective experiences that may result in contradictory situations, which may ultimately lead to the inability to identify the prevalent or primary cause of oppression.
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November 15 ,2020
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