Physical Sex Or Biological Sex Meaning Definition

Physical Sex Or biological Sex Or Anatomical Sex Or Sex Assigned At Birth Of A Person Is Based On Biology, Chromosomes, Hormones, Anatomy, Internal Reproductive Organs, Or External Genitals

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What Is The Meaning Or Definition Of Physical Sex or Biological Sex:

Physical sex or biological sex or anatomical sex or sex assigned at the birth of a person is based upon biology, chromosomes, hormones, anatomy, internal reproductive organs, or external genitals, and what the hospital assigns at birth and labels on the birth certificate or characteristics that are used to classify an individual as female or male or intersex. Sex is a medically constructed categorization that is often assigned based on the appearance of the genitalia, either in ultrasound or at birth.

There are many terms and abbreviations that are associated with sex:

SAAB: stands for "Sex Assigned At Birth"

DSAB: stands for “Designated Sex At Birth”

SCAB: stands for “Sex Coercively Assigned At Birth”

SUAB: stands for “Sex Un-Assigned At Birth”

UAAB: stands for “Un-Assigned At Birth”

AMAB: stands for “Assigned Male At Birth”

MAAB: stands for “Male Assigned At Birth”

AFAB: stands for “Assigned Female At Birth”

FAAB: stands for “Female Assigned At Birth”

Note: No one, whether cis or trans, gets to choose what sex they’re assigned at birth. These terms reference the sex assigned or designated by medical or hospital professionals and placed on a person’s legal documentation at the time of broth.
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November 11 ,2022
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