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Short Relationship

Short Relationship

Short relationship is for short term which is usually but not necessarily predetermined by both partners, enabling a real romantic or sexual but temporary or transitory relationship, with no long term commitments or goals, with complete lack of seriousness, facilitating a spiritual, emotional, and sexual connection, and is categorized as one night stand, friends with benefits, hookup, affair, or just a fling.

Short term relationship is often abbreviated as STR.

Short relationship gives two people time to understand each other exploring each other's hearts, souls, and minds to see if they wish to pursue and transform it into a long term relationship.

Short relationship is a more convenient form of relationship, especially for young busy individuals who are there just to try what’s out there with no intentions of forming a serious alliance.

Short relationship usually has a mutually predefined duration or its duration may also be left undecided and it also is supposed to end with a good note.

Short relationship is when two people love each other at some level and try to know each other but then call things off before getting too serious with each other.

Short relationship is all about living for the moment allowing both people to truly enjoy the current point in time with no fear or regret of neither the future nor the past.

Short relationship is mutually concluded after which both parties may remain as friends and cherish the good memories made together in hopes of meeting up again as some point.

Short relationship could be between two people where one of them is moving away or separating due to some known or already established reason.

Short relationship can be viewed just like any other regular relationship but with an expiration or terminations date stamped on it.

Short relationship may last anywhere from a few days to a few weeks or even months, but if it continues for a long period of time then it becomes a long term relationship.

Short relationship can be extremely exciting but it can also be extremely painful when the couple decides to call things off, leading to heartbreaks when one of the partner is either misled into false promises or falls in love with the other.

Short relationship is the opposite of long or serious relationship, which tend to be long in duration.
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