Single And Ready To Mingle

Single And Ready To Mingle Means People Who Are Single And Just Want To Mingle With Other People Like Free Birds Without Any Baggage Or Hang-ups

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What Is Meaning And Definition Of Single And Ready To Mingle:

A person who is single and ready to mingle is a person who is not in a committed relationship, but is looking to mingle or meet new people to potentially have a romantic relationship with. This means that a person is not attached to someone in reference to marriage or a relationship. Since a person is not committed to anyone, they are available and in a position to be able to date freely whomsoever they want. It means they are ready to date or see other people once again without the strings of a significant other.

They enjoy the freedom of multiple dates and courtship. They can continue dating whoever they want until they wish to get committed to someone. They are like free birds. They like to enjoy the freedom and yet be available for someone.
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November 15 ,2020
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