Tips For Scanning Online Dating Photos

10 Tips For Scanning Online Dating Photos So That You Can Quickly Go Through A Lot Of Photos In Very Little Time

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Following is the full list of ten top most tips for scanning online dating photos so that you can quickly go through a lot of photos in very little time:

# No Photos:
If a dating profile has no photos, then it merely means that the person is either not serious about looking for a date or that they are overly conscious about their physical appearance. Both cases raise a red flag for such profiles. There can be no excuse not to post any photos if someone truly wants to find someone special. It is best that you skip such profiles and move on to the next one.

# Few Photos:
All dating profiles should have at least more than just a couple of photos posted. These days it is very easy to take digital photos without spending a penny. So there is really no good excuse not to post a few photos in a few different settings. Posting very few photos may be a sign of lack of confidence, or maybe there is something that a person is trying to hide.

# Old Photos:
All photos in any dating profile should appear to be taken recently and not decades ago. Looks change as we age and you need to know how the person looks now instead of when they were in high school. It may be a good idea to politely ask if the photos are recent and if they can send you some new ones. There is nothing wrong with asking for more photos, and it won't make you look too superficial.

# Fake Photos:
Fake photos in the dating profile are something that everyone should vary about. A lot of people try to post photos of someone else they feel they have a close resemblance with. You need to be entirely sure that the photos posted are actually of the person in the profile and not someone else. If the photos look significantly different, then there is a good reason to be suspicious.

# Inappropriate Photos:
Some people post photos in their dating profiles that are too explosive or provocative because they are desperate to make other people initiate contact. You must realize that you are looking for a date with someone decent. Most people who post such bisque photos are either too forward or too desperate to get a date. It is best to steer clear of such profiles as they raise a red flag.

# Nude Photos:
Some sites allow people to post half-nude photos on their dating profiles. You must decide whether you are looking for a date with a relationship prospect or just a short fling. It is best to stay away from such profiles because in most cases these people have some entirely different agenda than finding a date. There are other places where you can go to find such people.

# Expressive Photos:
Look for expressions of the person in the photos in their dating profile. There is a saying that a picture can tell a thousand words, and that can't be farther from the truth while you browse through profiles. Pay attention to facial expressions and body language in the posted photos as that can be very telling about the character of the person. Also, look at the outfits, and the settings where the photos were taken as that can also reveal a lot about the person.

# Attractive Photos:
The most important thing to focus on while looking at photos in a dating profile is to see if you feel some kind of attraction. Most people get either instantly attracted when they see the photos for the very first time. Physical attraction is extremely important when you are trying to find a few good profiles. If you feel no appeal at all, then it is just best to move on to the next profile instead of forcing yourself to consider other nonphysical attributes of a person.

# Visual Photos:
Each photo you see in a dating profile must be a visual depiction of that person. Look at a series of photos of the same person and stitch them together to form some kind of visual story that is just like a movie reel. Being able to visualize a person by looking at their photos can be a very positive thing when deciding to take things forward. This is why photos play such a huge role while looking for a date.

# Additional Photos:
Make sure that the dating profile you are looking at has at least half a dozen or more photos in the gallery section. Just one profile photo can never be enough as that mainly serves the purpose of a passport kind of photo. Take a peek at the additional photos to get a better idea of the person as each photo will have a story of its own. Steer away from profiles that do not have more than just the profile photo.
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November 11 ,2022
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