Good Opening Lines For Flirting

Good Opening Lines For Flirting Acts Like Icebreakers To Start A Communication Or Some Kind Of Contact With Your Crush Or Date

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Flirting And The Role Of Opening Lines Or Introduction:

One of the most challenging parts of flirting is breaking the ice. Most people get stressed with how to initiate the act of flirting. They are not clear about which opening lines to use. They frequently keep thinking about what to say, and the other person walks away before they can even utter a single word. You must have experienced something like this in your life. Well, guess what, you are not alone as almost all of us has experienced something like this at some point in our lives.

Let’s try to crack this code of conduct. Let’s figure out how to best break the ice and enter the flirtation territory. All of us have used lines that have not worked. We all have used lines that we later regretted. Whether we admit or not, we all have been in this situation.

So the question that comes to the mind is what is the most effective way to open the window of flirting by striking a conversation with someone we find attractive. The answer is even more straightforward than the question itself. The first thing to note is that your opening line is not a ticket to winning the heart of the other person; in fact, it is just to strike a conversation. The second thing is that the opening lines makes no real difference in your odds of making an impression.

Your opening lines do not have to original or patented. They don’t even have to perfect or elegant. Just be yourself and say whatever comes to your mind at that time and fits the context. Don’t worry, even if you sound a little clichéd. There is absolutely nothing wrong with commenting on the weather. This technique is time tested, and it works every time it’s used. Though, make sure that your comment somehow invites the other person to respond or else it may be the opening as well the closing line.

Flirting And The Role Of Vocal Or Verbal Signals:

When it comes to flirting, of course, it matters what you say, but it also matters how you say what you say. Your pitch, volume, speed, and tone of voice could make a world of difference. Even, when you make pauses and where you stress on some words makes a big difference as well. Think of these as punctuation marks. So it becomes more about how effectively you transmit what you have to say.

In fact, these vocal signals are what differentiates a seasoned communicator from an average person. The ability to use these vocal signals effectively and also to decipher them efficiently is a skill in itself. These vocal signals can more effectively communicate the level of attraction and interest in the other person than the actual words. Even a simple comment can be said in remarkably different ways by just adjusting the pitch and tone of voice.

Use low-pitched, high-bass, deep-toned voice to tell the other person that you are romantically attracted towards them. Note that the intonation of just one word can say the same thing in many different ways. Use this to your advantage. The point is that you can easily transmit your attraction only by the modulation of your voice.

The best way is to adopt moderation in your pitch and tone. Talking in a very sultry tone may seem like you are about to have an orgasm. Talking too loud, too quiet, too fast, too slow should always be avoided. So always try to be moderate and use varied levels of tone to get your point across. These vocal signals should also be used to indicate that now it’s the other person’s turn to respond. So make the best use of all the different vocal variables for most effective flirting.
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November 15 ,2020
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