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Ways To Flirt With Your Crush Via Texting

10 Ways To Flirt With Your Crush Via Texting By Sending Both Text As Well As Emoticon Cues For Most Fruitful Outcome

Ways To Flirt With Your Crush Via Texting

10 Ways To Flirt With Your Crush Via Texting By Sending Both Text As Well As Emoticon Cues For Most Fruitful Outcome

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Flirting by texting is very easy. You can be more bold than when you are face to face. You are much less likely to be nervous. It would be a good idea to think about what all you are going to text ahead of time. If things don't work out then you can slightly tweak your texts and use it on someone else. Soon you will know what works and you will find the right kind of message to send in order to get a positive response.

Following is the full list of ten top most ways to flirt with your crush via texting by sending both text as well as emoticon cues for most fruitful outcome:

# Get Information:
It is a lot easier for us to talk about ourselves than to get to know the other person. Instead of talking too much about yourself try to learn more about the other person You can even make it like a question and answer session so that you both can know more about each other by throwing some open-ended questions at each other. Give the other person a chance to carry on the dialog but feel free to ask whatever you want to know and answer what is being asked to the point without going into too much details.

# Think First:
Do not get pressured into sending text messages that you may later regret. It is effortless to send any kind of messages but impossible to retract after sending them. Just one nasty message can end everything and may even lead to you getting blocked. So avoid that from happening by keeping things clean and by sending appropriate messages only.

# Send Emoticons:
Make full use of fancy emoticons but never overuse them. This can be a very effective strategy in flirting over texts but only as long as you choose the right kinds of emoticons. Some of these icons can be far more expressive than words. Use them to your advantage by making the best use of them whenever possible.

# Give Compliments:
Throw a few compliments whenever possible. Doing so will at least grab the attention of the other person and keep the conversation going over texts. This can be very effective at least in the beginning because texts fade away pretty fast if they get too boring. Send a few words of praise to make the other person happy because that will definitely keep things going but do sound genuine in your flirtatious comments.

# Avoid Desperation:
Never come too strong that you sound too desperate. Do not confess your crush for the other person too soon. Instead try to make them interested in you. It is fine to be bold but first try to give indirect hints of your interest and see how they respond.

# Keep Going:
One of the main drawbacks of texting is that we receive so many texts from so many people that it is very easy for texts to get bumped down. So always keep the conversation going by keeping it alive. Maintain their interest so that the conversation doesn't die out eventually which can happen very quickly. Come up with exciting ideas to keep them amused.

# Be Effortless:
Stop trying to convince the other person of anything. Let it be a two-way street where there is an equal share of messages and do not panic if they do not reply quick enough. You must realize that people are busy and that you need to give them time to respond. Send a reminder if you don't hear back within an appropriate time but do not keep texting them if they are not responding at all.

# Mild Teasing:
Make full use of your vocabulary to express your feelings because it is not possible to use body language while texting. The tone of your voice can easily set the right mood. You can use some flirtatious lines and then just say that you were kidding. There is a lot you can do to tease the other person over texting.

# Be Playful:
Never forget that flirting is supposed to be a fun and playful activity. Never get too serious or too pushy. Keep a positive and optimistic attitude. Do not get bogged down if the other person doesn't respond favorably.

# Go Real:
Your end goal should be to turn this flirtatious activity into a real meeting. But not all flirting over texting materializes into something tangible but it's great if that happens. But don't get stuck on the same person if it doesn't. Let go and move on to someone else because that's how flirting should be where you try things out with different people and see where you can hit the bull's eye.
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November 15 ,2020
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